Banning discrimination in housing is an easier sell than repealing the state’s defunct marriage ban.

The measure faces tougher odds in the House of Delegates.

GOP legislators said they intend to fight the Democratic governor’s plan.

House Democrats from the Washington region said the shutdown is devastating to the federal workforce

State Del. Jennifer Boysko (D) defeats Republican former delegate Joe T. May.

Stewart won’t seek a fourth term as Prince William board chairman and says he’ll stay out of state politics “for the foreseeable future.”

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) and Republicans are prepared to spar on some things and agree on others.

Angry protesters erupt in screams of “Shame! Shame! Shame!” and promise legal action to stop the project.

The list of seven includes five freshmen. Five are Democrats; two are Republicans

The former first couple projected a close partnership while occupying the Executive Mansion.

Loudoun County Supervisor Ron Meyer is seeking the state Senate seat being vacated by Richard H. Black.

News of the flag went viral as the Democrat’s office was flooded with calls and emails.

GOP leaders want to return most of the “windfall” from the federal tax overhaul to taxpayers.

A Virginia Republican wants to the state to team up with neighbors to swear off sweetheart deals.

Possible property tax increase, service cuts on the way this spring

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