Critics say money should not go to affluent areas when poorer places need other services.

The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has denounced ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists as radical and un-American.

Valerie Ruth Ball of Arlington worked for the IMF for three decades and was an avid Washington football fan.

The county voted to return the statue, in front of the Leesburg courthouse since 1908, to the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

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The female figure, also known as the South’s ‘Vindicatrix,’ towered above the Jefferson Davis monument.

Takis Karantonis will succeed Erik Gutshall, who died of brain cancer.

Workers removed a monument to Gen. J.E.B. Stuart Tuesday, the last of four statues taken down on city-owned land.

Elections board granted extensions to eight congressional hopefuls who missed the filing deadline.

Despite win at the Supreme Court last month, the companies said costs, new regulatory uncertainties make pipeline unfeasible.

Three candidates are competing for open board seat on Tuesday.

Nicholas J. Freitas and John J. McGuire III — both military veterans and state lawmakers — are top contenders.

Workers unfurled the flag ahead of Independence Day, at a corner that’s drawn sometimes violent protests.

Several other city judges have withdrawn from cases related to the controversial monument in recent weeks.

Maury, a Naval officer and oceanographer, left the Navy and joined the Confederacy at the start of the Civil War.

Hundreds whooped and cheered as a crane removed the statue of the Confederate general in the pouring rain.

Only one governor since the Civil War has come back in a state that bans back-to-back terms.

Company says it’s on track to hire 25,000 people in the decade for its second headquarters.

Gov. Ralph Northam toured the project 27 miles offshore as the state stakes its claim to a burgeoning industry.

House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn says protests have made calls for overhaul more urgent.

Northam administration questions scope and price, says other approaches are in the works.

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