The GOP’s slim majorities in the General Assembly are likely to mean large donations from liberal groups, analysts say.

Priorities USA and Emily’s List will back some of the 36 female candidates with digital ads.

Law enforcement would have 90 days to block the sale or transfer of the weapon.

The former Virginia governor said he wanted to focus on electing Democrats to the state legislature

House Republicans say special session is a good time to air sexual assault allegations.

“There is a better, smarter way to approach cannabis,” the attorney general says.

And why some Republicans in Northern Virginia are irked by the congresswoman’s focus on the issue.

Leesburg Town Council member Thomas S. Dunn II accused colleagues of acting as “activists rather than law makers.”

Five Republicans seeking county board seats hope voters see more taxes in the Virginia county’s Democratic tide.

Sen. Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax) hung on to his seat by a narrow margin after his first primary challenge in 40 years.

Nominating contests come in a pivotal election year, with control of the legislature at stake.

Fairfax, with eyes on the 2021 governor’s race, says the criminal probes would clear him.

In a battle for control of the Virginia General Assembly, Democrats are unsure whether they can count on Joe Morrissey, who won his primary race despite a scandalous history, to stand with them against Republicans.

He was once shunned by the Democratic Party, but with the General Assembly on the line, he has new cachet.

Walkinshaw, Alcorn, Lusk, Palchik win nominations for district supervisors’ seats.

Tainted by his blackface scandal, the Democratic governor is back in the public eye.

A new employer promises 150 quality jobs, but some residents are worried about pollution.

County officials accused Comstock Companies of civil rights violations after it allowed an employee to campaign on the site while barring her opponents.

State Sen. Rosalyn Dance is facing primary challenge from Joe Morrissey, former lawmaker and lawbreaker.

Governor calls for limits on guns; Republicans say they prefer tougher penalties for violators

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