The arrival of the online retail giant is expected to raise housing prices and demand gradually.

The program would be called the Barbara Comstock Institute for Women in Leadership.

The governor rolled out a plan to curb runoff and fund more land conservation.

Over objections from Irish groups, city council is poised to choose the name “Waterfront Park” instead of Fitzgerald Square.

Changes in federal tax law and the chance to collect Internet sales taxes would largely bankroll his plans.

The newly reelected Democratic U.S. senator from Virginia returns to one of his signature issues.

Democat Herring, who took a pass on the race in 2017, is making an early move

The whole region will benefit, but no area as much as Northern Virginia, a new study says.

Bulova, who started her career as a legislative aide, helped Fairfax become an economic powerhouse.

The alert would be named for a 19-year-old student abducted and killed last year

A new Wason Center poll surveys voters on issues likely to dominate the General Assembly session.

The congressman requested oil changes, dog walks and trips to IKEA with his wife, an ethics probe found.

Linda Q. Smyth, whose district includes Tysons, has been on the board since 2003.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee commits $1 million to House and Senate races.

Even if the Old Dominion becomes the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, the path forward is unclear.

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