Republicans are looking for more practical, less “toxic” image after November losses.

In the birthplace of George Washington, not George Carlin, swearing can net a $250 fine.

Democrats have three recounts remaining as they hope to overcome a 51-49 GOP majority.

Corey Stewart shows no sign of moderating his rhetoric while E.W. Jackson softens a bit.

Democrat Donte Tanner gained a net of four votes to close the gap to 102. The count will continue Thursday.

In Alabama campaigning for GOP nominee Roy Moore, Stewart said Jackson “must be off his meds.”

Ed Gillespie made his first public appearance after the governor’s race — and Sean Spicer showed up.

Advocates say the state’s public-records law has too many exemptions and charges far too much. 

Del. Alfonso H. Lopez (D-Arlington) is known as an advocate for immigrants, but activists angered by his work are calling for an apology and action in the General Assembly.

The state lawmaker, who was just elected to a second term, will compete with Corey Stewart in the primary

Opponents are trying to block the Mountain Valley Pipeline in southwest Virginia

Winner Ralph Northam still fell short of outgoing Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s spending in 2013.

The even-bigger Atlantic Coast Pipeline comes up for a vote next week

They’ll vet candidates this weekend at the party’s annual mountain retreat

The request comes a week after state officials certified the election despite irregularities causing 147 voters to cast ballots in the wrong race.

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