Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Alvyn Lake Cir., 9324-James J. and Erin L. Stanley to Rossana I. Marchiani and Jose Manuel Rodriguez, $400,000.

Catapult Lane, 13402-Benjamin Edward and Shannon Hatter Fish to Fnu Nimatullah, $380,000.

Diver Ct., 8611-Designers Insurance Agency Inc. to Christopher Irving, $360,000.

Eredine Way, 9518-John and Cynthia Sambor to John and Stephanie A. Bursey, $362,000.

Garry Glen Dr., 12561-Rick A. and Lynne Uribe to Carl R. and Michelle C. Hadaway, $550,000.

Rannoch Forest Cir., 12859-Joseph Michael Billick to Matthew and Lisa Coats, $325,000.

Scottish Hunt Lane, 13160-Amy Lynn Aram to Jeffrey Robert and Katherine Elisabeth Wood, $465,000.

Spring Iris Dr., 10338-Brookfield Vint Hill Corp. to Ross Stephen and Megan Boyle Fernandez, $650,000.

Wishing Well Way, 12801-Robert B. Ryan and Stephanie M. Whalen to Marc Andrew and Caitlyn Elizabeth Bills, $370,000.


Aerial View Rd., 15846-K. Hovnanian Virginia Operations Inc. and K. Hovnanian Virginia Old GC Inc. to Jeremy James Cejka, $583,059.

Berkshire Dr., 14375-Leanna L. Ferguson and Keith Shrader to Brian David Green, $265,000.

Bowes Lane, 2899-Alexander and Melissa Munck Napoli to Ahmad Hashemi, $318,250.

Castle Hill Dr., 3545-Stephen O. Asare to Camrey D. and Kayla Beth Locke, $290,000.

Dale Blvd., 4466-James R. and Claudia L. McManamey to Kevin Benavides and Grisel Flores, $360,000.

Dane Ridge Cir., 4878-Cintia P. Flores and Brian Arias to Nokomis Medley Cleveland, $310,000.

Earlham Ct., 14614-Baron Investments Group Corp. to Muhammad Irfan, $239,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3908-Shaheen Mohammed to Shahana Begum, $210,000.

Granby Rd., 4111-Ever D. Martinez Melgar and Edrines Martinez to Cana Marie Perez and Abdul Akram, $340,000.

Jennerette Lane, 15222-George G. and Mary J. Anastacio to Ayushma Shrestha and Richard B. Evans II, $574,000.

Keystone Dr., 13308-Rodolfo and Osmar Claros to Wilder J. Oliveros Rodriguez and Yeimi I. Gonzalez Denova, $343,000.

Lindendale Rd., 14113-Ayaz Sheikh to Brian N. Britten, $350,000.

Nickleson Dr., 13208-Chad J. Sumpter to Fanuel A. Guzman Chavez and Milaidis Guzman Moreira, $350,000.

Park Ct. N., 14327-Daniel K. Wheeler to Babatunde Osholaja and Olubunmi Olowolekomo, $255,000.

Princedale Dr., 13471-Janet A. Nagy to Mohammad S. Mandokhil, $409,000.

Query Lane, 13279-Rebecca M. Elam to Danielle N. Cornish and Christian A. Hernandez, $539,900.

Reaves Lane, 5964-Richard W. and Teresa C. Dunnuck to Kevin W. and Katy Prince, $460,000.

Shandor Rd., 3466-Asghar M. Valad to Richard B. and Renee Hairston, $600,000.

Team Pl., 6101-Craig R. Williams to Deborah Ann Williams, $410,000.

Travailer Ct., 15549-Craig Smith to Lyndsey Washington, $309,999.


Cedar Grove Lane, 18004-Brookfield Washington Corp. to William Edwin and Kristin Armstrong, $575,428.

Francis West Lane, 16896-Jordan A. and Rose L. Wolf to Nancy L. Peramas, Jose L. Lozada Espinosa and Romina J. Lozada Espinosa, $385,000.

Hemlock Bay Rd., 2143-NVR Inc. to Marlo L. Mahterian and James Austin C. Penrod, $415,120.

Morgans Point Dr., 2458-Brookfield Washington Corp. to Sheavan Butler and Reynold Lance Smith, $648,919.

Potomac River Blvd., 2175-Rodney S. and Dawn M. Datt to Bruce D. Ridlen and Natalie J. Karelis, $769,000.

Serviceberry Rd., 2000-NVR Inc. to Eric Kweku Cobbinah, $479,000.


Arrowleaf Turn, 8252-Paul T. and Trina W. Bize to Harvinder Singh and Rinku P. Jagait, $1.06 million.

Camdenhurst Dr., 18254-David Brian and Jacqueline Danielle Goldberg to Peter Thomas Gallo Jr. and Morgan Elizabeth Silva, $442,000.

Chancellorsville Dr., 6198-Toll VIII Partnerships to Raymond Reno and Mary Kathleen Cassidy, $713,919.

Covewood Ct., 7642-Benjamin J. and Renee S. Pearson to Rodney W. Burr and Lucille W. Harris Burr, $526,000.

Dancing Twig Dr., 13996-Craig H. and Susan P. Ekholm to Amona Delgado Santos, $499,990.

Hampton Bay Lane, 6791-Adil Benyoussef and Tina L. Utt to Byron Charles Wells II, $262,000.

Kona Dr., 6908-Hana Alyamani and Samer El-Mehalawy to Sarah Davison, $347,000.

Lee Carter Rd., 15837-Frederick E. and Bianca Koenig to Payam Safari and Roza S. Mohammadi, $509,000.

Manahoac Pl., 6991-Paul Y. Yun to Kaitlin Marie Wilson Vogel, $372,500.

Quaking Aspen Rd., 8002-Brian J. and Dana C. Hellems to Jose L. and Teri R. Soto, $594,900.

Sapphire Lakes Ct., 8358-Henry John Kahwaty to Anthony Bruce and Jennifer A. Pankuch, $825,000.

Sunapple Pl., 7001-Joshua Lee O’Rourke and Nichole Marie Norton to William R. Winston and Taylor Marie Holmes, $393,485.

Turtle Ct., 13813-Nikole Najorka to Timothy Andrew Hilkert and Candace Elizabeth Robbins, $440,000.


Alderbrook Dr., 15530-Robert M. Cardinal and Barbara C. Thompson to Michael S. and Amy S. Doery, $535,000.

Bakerwood Pl., 14305-Bruce and Jennifer Jessica Chisholm to Wayne Robert Alexander Francis and Kellie Catherine Francis, $515,000.

Brave Ct., 6618-Nathan Walker to Stephen Gregory and Shannon Lee Kelsey, $270,000.

Gaines Mill Cir., 15060-Scott A. and Amy H. Macri to David Holloway and Ylonka Susan Thompson, $650,000.

Hull Dr., 4638-Brian and Sarah Holtz to Jon Schuler and Katherine Taylor, $630,000.

Orrington Lane, 6820-Cory and Ashley M. Kwitkin to David M. and Lisa M. Banks, $440,000.

Sage Run Rd., 15178-Michael S. Edwards to Alan Houston Fadorick, $320,000.

Smooth Stone Pl., 6002-Mark and Brenda Mamula to Andrew S. Carver, $525,000.

Wallasey Ct., 6508-Abdul G. Hashimee to Luis M. and Laura B. Anlas, $569,500.


Barbados Lane, 7406-Sutton P. and Brittany Rowley to Rahul Kumar and Neikhochong Singsit, $340,000.

Blue Gray Cir., 7855-Tripura R. Shrestha to Rafael and Andres Perez, $345,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 13450-Marcel B. and Roseann Power to John T. and Kay K. Lwin, $560,000.

Daffodil Dr., 12608-Susan M. Gilbert to Joseph and Chelsey O’Donnell, $450,000.

Flager Cir., 7809-Robert Anthony Vignola and Tiffany Nicole Carter to Khaled Wassel and Sozan Sarwari, $345,000.

Goldenberry Hill Lane, 9816-Lydia M. Urso to John B. and Julie Anne Lewis, $850,000.

Hickory Hollow Ct., 8393-Richard E. and Heather M. Glover to Janine M. Brown, $650,000.

Hobsons Choice Loop, 5553-Tyree Alexander to Jose Cantu, $475,000.

Labrador Loop, 10426-Thomas I. and Marcia S. Doble to Julia Anne Cole, $465,000.

Milton Mill Way, 8867-Carmine and Amy Tehovnik Amatucci to Bryan Anthony Gulli, $445,000.

Paradise Ct., 10474-Damisa B. and Lauren Robinson to Manuel De Jesus Nunez, $223,000.

Stillbrooke Rd., 8007-Mitzie Anderson to Juan C. Ramos Asencio, $495,000.

Sudley Manor Dr., 10007-Dana L. Cooperrider to Brang and Bawk Mai, $379,900.

Vanore Pl., 8730-Cosimo and Lisa Litz Montanaro to Steven Robert and Darlene Anne Pinkos, $449,000.

Whitting Dr., 8013-Mary B. Simpson to Tirapol Rodtim, $410,000.


Bull Run Rd., 7600-Susan Homes Corp. to Elmer A. Castillo and Mayra E. Argueta, $330,000.

Courtland Cir., 7439-Gilberto Saenz and Ana A. Chicas Saenz to Joseph E. Vargas, $326,400.

Janet Rose Ct., 9680-Karen M. Faust to Nicholas Taylor and Jennifer Lynn Roller, $525,000.

Prince Cole Ct., 7503, No. 6-B-8-Mehadi Hassan and Rita Choudhury to Shagufta Rahman Ora and Luthfun Nahar Rahman, $115,000.


Barrington Pl., 15526-Donald and Laura Nicole Whitefield to Andrew and Lisa Miroff, $515,000.

Edgewood Dr., 16011-Garrett and Christine Haslem to Timothy Joseph Tkacik and Laina Poulakos, $519,500.

Hopkins Dr., 4703-Clarence G. and Judy Thompson to Keith Merrell and Andrea Sue Kehler, $430,000.

Laurel Ridge Rd., 15502-Larry Earl and Genevieve P. Nay to Alexander Seamus O’Toole and Elizabeth Anna Ferraraccio, $520,000.

Oriole Ct., 3876-Paul V. and Sula G. Blevins to David N. Aikman, $410,000.

Silvan Glen Dr., 15425-Brandon I. and Rachel O. Carter to Paul V. and Sula Blevins, $499,900.

Stone Mountain Ct., 4303-Mark L. Swearingen to Noor Khazali Long, $385,000.

Victoria Falls Dr., 17506-Aaron Graves to Tezera S. Gebre and Mekdes M. Dagnew, $352,000.


Aqua View Ct., 10200-Eduard Spencer and Regina Sophia King to Jason Harrison and Julie Heiner Culp, $540,000.

Foremost Ct., 12588-Bryan M. Cornwell and H. Jason Gold to Melinda Monroe Deslauriers, John Deslauriers and Laurel Fast Monroe, $339,900.

Parkgate Dr., 11555-Pighini Builders Inc. to Brian M. and Lori A. Albers, $1.43 million.


Clinton Ross Ct., 3586-NVR Inc. to Martin L. Gould, $519,900.

Lookout Point Ct., 3142-Scott and Amy Rideout to Jeffrey and Valerie Preletz, $670,000.

Red Oak Lane, 19005-Shannon M. and Gerald Robertello to Johnathon D. and Laura P. Libby, $322,000.


Aiden Dr., 1518-David G. Ricard to Luis and Dora A. Amaya, $264,000.

Bali Ct., 4000-Sherry Stone to Getahun Gebre Madebo and Yodit Daniel Lemma, $375,000.

Belfry Lane, 3453-Ali Y. Khan to Flor M. Carbajal, $260,000.

Bowline Loop, 2008-Brenda A. Amoah Daniels and Jeffrey Daniels to Tanya Georgina Cardozo, $326,000.

Capon Tree Lane, 16789-Martin L. Gould to Michael and Andrea Jenkins, $341,000.

Cavallo Way, 4869-Lakisha D. Foster to Mujahid Hussain, $405,000.

Chevington Ct., 727-Lucio Livio and Lodovico George Dibernardo to Jorge J. Delfin and Mariel De Bernard Delfin, $405,000.

Cranford Dr., 12226-NVR Inc. to Sandra Rawdon and Barbara Ann Pugh, $719,020.

Dapple Gray Ct., 12224-Tara Patterson to Ammar Dawriya and Zahra Sahip, $355,000.

Dorothy Lane, 1694-Jose Valdez and Joseph Valdez Machuca to Marshay and Tamika Clark, $460,000.

Eagle Roost Ct., 16028-K. Hovnanian Virginia Operations Inc. and K. Hovnanian Virginia Old GC Inc. to Midline Pierre, $497,992.

Eskew Ct., 3551-Brandon L. and Angela Wilkerson to Jeremy M. and Jaclyn R. Terndrup, $520,000.

Flagship Dr., 1418-Minna M. Pehkonen and Nestor A. Cardenas to Wendy D. Soliz and Antolin Moran Martinez, $340,000.

Gatehouse Terr., 15369-Blake Fallkenthal to Rachel Gibson, $255,000.

Haddon Lane, 11930-Raymond D. Jones to Latonia D. and James A. Bryant, $679,000.

Hollow Wind Way, 13949, No. 13-5B-Ryan and Kayla M. McNamara to Crystal Lee Hernandez Robles, $277,000.

Jed Forest Lane, 16917-Corey Caldwell Morrell and Lillian Claire Yi Cannon to Kamilah S. Lawson, $315,000.

Jib Lane, 2203-Bryan S. Deangelo to Edward and Manal Lee, $465,000.

Laconia Cir., 16027-Duane R. and Kit F. Pouliot to Brianna P. Piazza, $411,500.

Macedonia Dr., 16047-David D. and Esther Michelle Walden to Dustin Askin, $399,900.

Marsala Ct., 2949-Kevin Daniel Chavers to Mina and David Alan Waldron, $325,500.

Mays Quarter Rd., 12440-NVR Inc. to Juan C. Lemus and Yadira Montes, $676,605.

Morley Loop, 4597-NVR Inc. to Schawn and Pranee Branch, $743,605.

Paducah Ct., 1780-Robert S. and Jacqueline K. Barone to Molly Marie Smits, $615,000.

Pinnacle St., 13709-Elizabeth Lane Johnson and Elizabeth Lane Maleski to Jenna and Benjamin Smith, $540,000.

Potomac Club Pkwy., 2183-Kathleen J. Mihalisko to Tammy Vannorden, $399,000.

Radford Dr., 2011-Dennis R. Akers and estate of Ellen Piepoint Coleman to Werber Armando Portillo Portillo and Maria L. Arevalo Rodriguez, $288,000.

Seminole Rd., 2922-Christopher and Deborah Ann Lyman to Marcus Rowell Cueno, $370,000.

Southington Dr., 12363-Melissa L. and Curtis Reed to Pranav and Dharmishta Shah, $700,000.

Sweeney Lane, 16736-Mohammad B. Bhatti to Deandre Starr and Najar Washington, $365,000.

Tidewater Ct., 16808-Daniel G. and Lisa V. Persson to Edward C. and Karla B. Byrd, $582,000.

Tupelo Ct., 3638-Thao Thi Bui and Sau Minh Do to Obaidullah, Rohullah, Hamidullah and Leila Salamazi, $510,000.

Wagon Wheel Lane, 3825-Deborah A. Pfuff to Pablo Javier Angulo, $339,900.

Woodhaven Ct., 3668-Faraidoon Saadat to John Biondo and Deanna I. Brown, $315,000.


These were among homes sold in May in Manassas.

Battle Ct., 8468-Alexandre N. and Victoria N. Mai to Devon M. Hudson, $317,000.

Buttress Lane, 8393, No. 401-Terean Snead to Matthew R. Reisinger, $150,000.

Farmington Ct., 10249-Ahmet S. Baran and Brittany J. Warren to Delmi Isabel Diaz and Wilfredo Diaz Barahona, $389,000.

Hopkins Loop, 9877-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Justin and Leah Craig, $465,990.

Olden Ct., 9209-Philip Kyle and Andrew Scott Dixon to Anakarla Guzman, $360,000.

Reynolds Pl., 9077-Mehadi Hassan to Mario R.B. Guevara, $270,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in May in Manassas Park.

Christopher Lane, 9066-Mahmudur Rashid to Edgar Q. Herrera, $410,000.

Elzey Pl., 9700, No. 303-Charles Chan Bang and Joy Kyong Nam Kim to Charles, Kathleen and Katherine Spencer, $233,000.

Holmes Pl., 9724, No. 203-Matthew Unger to Han C. Chen, $240,000.

Manassas Dr., 368-Alex and Aracelli Chavarria to John Ernest Craig, $355,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Almond Dr., 214-Richard D. Kozik to Ruperto Duncan, $403,000.

Ashbrook Rd., 1-MZK Investment Corp. and Zuna Real Estate Corp. to Nikki Laurain, $466,000.

Berkshire Dr., 73-Edward D. and Sabrina D. Naylor to Ammar Sharif, $400,000.

Briarwood Dr., 43-Sharon Decatur to Mitchell L. and Jordan K. Anderson, $320,000.

Brush Everard Ct., 85-Darrell K. and Myra R. Williams to Bret Gray, $504,000.

Camelot Ct., 5-Christopher and Jariya P. Davidson to Kyle Christopher and Jessica Wood Smith, $390,000.

Chriswood Lane, 115-Jonathan R. and Angela M. Donnell to Clint David and Kylee Marie Kindred, $595,000.

Country Ct., 3-William K. and Kelly M. Bogner to Anthony N. and Kerrie A. Frasco, $441,000.

Crestwood Lane, 53-Scott J. and Cindy M. Hicks to John Jason Hollyfield and Kelly A. Caggiano-Hollyfield, $459,900.

Dorothy Lane, 66-Misas Invest Corp. to Bailey R. and Emily C. Saline, $379,900.

Estates Dr., 150-Lowell E. and Peggy L. Starr to Henry C. and Raquel R. Bodden, $720,000.

Gardenia Dr., 125-Sean D. and Stacie M. Lohr to Chelaya Bartlett, $461,750.

Harpoon Dr., 2157-Joshua David and Maggie Elizabeth Godwin to Kelly Rose Foster, $339,000.

Holly Dr., 138-Drew Hergen to Dalonta Wright, $315,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 110-Benjamin Joseph and Melissa A. Kramarczuk to Ghulam Sabir and Naveed Hameed, $248,000.

Lynchester Dr., 18-Mary Frances Mooney to Scott Brandon and Amanda Ann Quigley, $375,000.

Minniear Ct., 10-Verla J. Dunbar to Michael Solomon and Sarah Everett Stenzler, $390,000.

Norfolk St., 2-James T. and Phyllis B. Barnes to Jason Brent Kingham, $434,200.

Palace Lane, 36-Christopher L. and Brianne N. Taylor to Reid K. Greer and Anne E. Hayes, $460,000.

Penns Charter Lane, 124-U.S. Home Corp. to Ronald Lee Watson and Maria Benita Milagros O. Watson, $599,990.

Princess Gillian Ct., 32-Department of Veterans Affairs to Daniel and Aleda J. Powell, $440,000.

Saint Roberts Dr., 40-Theron A. and April M. Airhart to Willie Lee and Tami S. McCarter, $435,000.

Snow Dr., 46-Sasha Glaser to Andrea R. and Justin D. Kenney, $435,000.

Taylors Hill Way, 38-Matthew and Paige Bryant to Eric E. and Grace Cullipher, $420,000.

Verbena Dr., 174-Jeremy Tayamen to MD Alamgir and Nasreen Akhtar Kayesh, $519,000.

Wateredge Lane, 81-Eric C. and Shawn B. Shipp to Marlowe Michelle Miller, $415,000.

Willingham Ct., 6-Department of Veterans Affairs to Eleanor Aban and Ryan Plunkett, $305,000.

Woods Edge Ct., 13-James J. Miller and Susan M. Attard-Miller to Randal M. Pendleton, $430,000.