Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Alvyn Lake Cir., 9249-Lori Reed Smithberger to Stephanie Diane and Matthew Padfield, $400,000.

Benchmark Lane, 8988-Eric and Stephanie Marie Oetjen to Frederick and Irene Amamoo, $385,000.

Bristow Village Blvd., 12007-Michael H. and Jaimee L. Riddle to Christopher F.S. LaFrance II, $568,000.

Diver Ct., 8612-Eric and Susan K. Tang to Shannon McDaniel, $357,000.

Dunstable Loop, 8825-Joseph A. Guzdowski to Alexander J. Sanchez and Kaitlin North, $365,000.

Fisherford Ct., 9904-Giorgio and Katarzyna Sanguinetti to Timothy and Jaime Clark, $525,000.

Howland Pl., 8805-Kenneth C. and Nancy J. Holsopple to Kevin R. Holsopple, $350,000.

Jarrow Lane, 12308-Calvin Lee and Rita Estipona Whitby to Mikala Catherine Piazza, $376,000.

Limbaugh Way, 8426-Jason P. and Heather Elizabeth Brown to Ashley Nugent Cybulski, $329,900.

Malvern Way, 12308-Michelle Lee Wilson to Jessica Marie Ellis and Cristian Jesus Cruz Ortiz, $350,000.

Pale Rose Loop, 10118-Danielle Jones to Shannon Murphy, $348,000.

Saybrooke Dr., 9648-Ronald and Naowarat Morgan to Jacob and Olivia Douglas, $440,000.

Tombreck Ct., 9775-Albert C. Kelly III to Leigha Carducci and Elizabeth Walsh, $430,500.


Anthony Dr., 5880-Thomas A. and Laura M. Germaine to Sara Len and Wanda C. Pulliam, $445,000.

Bloomfield Dr., 15608-Michael K. and Donna L. Gallagher to Kenneth Herbert and Virginia R. Stevens, $509,000.

Broker Lane, 3349-Neabsco Overlook Corp. to Brandon D. and Marta M. St. Amour, $389,231.

Cherrydale Dr., 15008-Kathy S. Thomas to Sequoia Lingham, $299,000.

Dane Ridge Cir., 4770-Christina M. Badami to Gregory P. Masi, $306,000.

Duran Dr., 14477-Norberto Gil Solorio to Michael Scullin, $342,500.

Elmira Ct., 14732-Arthur Emanuel Jones to Israel Diaz Torres, $325,000.

Granby Rd., 4326-David Scott to Jeremy Franklin Linscott, $324,000.

Hetten Lane, 3672-Garrett M. Marsh to Dulanja Senaratne and Alexandria Kuchera, $576,000.

Kendall Dr., 4523-Charles E. and Milinda Petitt to Marcela C. Solorzano and Lessley M. Mendieta, $360,000.

Kirkdale Dr., 4714-Robin G. Evans to Kevin L. and Staci M. Beach, $275,000.

Legere Ct., 3515-Cynthia Hudson to Merlyn J. Carcamo Pineda and Erwin O. Morales Parada, $273,000.

Meadowbrook Rd., 13786-Robert Henry and Martha A. Carroll to Elmer Roberto Ramirez Leon and Diana Michelle Suarez, $341,000.

Newtone Ct., 5643-Alan Russell and Stephanie Cook to Kirby Evans, $385,000.

Prather Pl., 4654-Oscar A. Parada Ramirez to Aissatou N. Sarpong, $260,000.

Quiller Ct., 5009-Barbara C. Quinn to Muhammad Saqib and Jahanzeb Burney, $643,000.

Renley Ct., 14171-Brandon W. and Jamienail V. Wood to Ryan A. and Kayla Denise LaVallee, $375,000.

Sailstone Lane, 5707-Sulma E. Flores to Moises E. Arias Palacios and Olga D. Arias Palacios, $335,000.

Whips Run Dr., 3985-Mohammad Khalid Jamal and Nida Habib to Ebony Yodora and Darius A. Wilkins, $670,000.


Beveridge Dr., 17030-Melissa Suzanne and Kevin Joseph Wishard to John Harrison, $294,000.

Francis West Lane, 16861-Pia Edwards to William James and Ruth Chambers Turner, $417,000.

Larkin Dr., 17255-Benjamin J. and Evita E. Alvarez to Brittany Lee and Cullen Glen Tores, $400,000.

Porters Inn Dr., 16898-Ashley A. Miller to Briana Kirkland, $295,000.

Tebbs Lane, 18126-Bacilio G. Lizano Munguia and Carmen Elena Martinez to Addul D. Kamara and Isatu Conteh, $345,000.


Avalon Isle Way, 6807-Jose A. Romero and Marta L. Cruz Rodriguez to Ali Samim and Tamil Laly, $360,000.

Brunson Cir., 7450-Kelly L. Weatherhead to David Benjamin Guevara Viera, $329,900.

Cerromar Way, 8121-Shawna Johnson to Angelique Moree Tomme, $320,000.

Clatterbuck Loop, 14053-John M. and Carolyn A. Fagnani to Brian J. Kelley, $558,000.

Crescent Park Dr., 7947-Hilary McGrath Roser and Austin Scott W. Roser to Dong Hyun and Linda A. Kim, $309,000.

Enochs Ct., 9004-Michael Adan and Irene P. Landry to Ryan B. and Christine W. Anderson, $642,000.

Gaffney Cir., 15106-Tyler and Lauren Joyave to Joseph C. Liddle and Sara J. Zarate Liddle, $370,000.

Hunters Run Way, 14270-Michael P. and Tessa L. Corcoran to Eric Gonzalez and Jelaire Anne Grillo, $395,000.

Kylewood Way, 14556-Alaaeldin N. Salem and Heba E. Soliman to Rachael Allison McKernan Watson, $285,000.

Links Pond Cir., 14721-Justin and Holly M. Kolasa to David Andrew Sourbeer and Paige Heuer, $525,000.

Ontario Rd., 7716-Lisa and William Higgins to Pedro Luis Rondon and Yulia J. Lama, $419,900.

Raleigh Mews., 8727-Michael N. and Catherine M. Julian to Zaynab Al-Quraishi, $531,000.

Red Rock Ct., 14113-Jonathan H. and Abigail G. Davis to Robert E. and Minodora M. Peace, $377,500.

Screech Owl Ct., 8858-Nicole and Jared Laing to Andrew Dewitt and Laura S. Watkins, $450,000.

Senea Dr., 13754-Debora Turner to Ryan Shifflett and Andrea Petersen, $487,000.

Spyglass Hill Loop, 15701-Kenneth D. and Susan R. McBrearty to Michael A. and Kathleen H. Johnson, $720,000.

Thoroughfare Rd., 15311-DC Experts Group Corp. to Ashley Gray, $575,000.

Windy Hollow Cir., 15115-Jason J. and Heather A. Fulmines to Sophia Baker Jean, $680,000.


Audubon Way, 15771-Michael G. and Katheryn C. Fox to Jeffrey and Inge Updike, $695,000.

Bowers Hill Dr., 5345-Sinok Seo to Gustavo L. Feijoo Peirano and Fanny Roxana Feijoo, $705,000.

Chamberry Cir., 14524-Gavin Todd and Ann Marie Garrison to Jamie Scott and Monique Marsh, $963,000.

Dodds Mill Dr., 4535-Giulia Macchia to Robert G. McNeil Jr. and Maria Luz Rumbo Grela, $1.09 million.

Greymill Manor Dr., 15931-Roger Wayne Lawrence to David R. Quinn, $425,000.

Keavy Pl., 14971-Karan Deep to Anthony and Margaret Fuller, $505,000.

Londons Bridge Rd., 15232-Paul R. and Angela M. Ickes to Terrance L. and Karen R. Johnson, $640,000.

Mountain Rd., 2312-Joyce Cronin to Benjamin S. Yeager, $399,000.

Rachel Pl., 15716-Mark A. and Karen A. Ott to Robert Henry and Shonda Lee Fancher, $748,000.

Rosemont Manor Dr., 15274-Russell Greenwell and Christal Hardy to Jamie L. Thornton, $285,000.

Stepping Stone Dr., 15158-Geoffrey D. and Kristin A. Beckner to Brian Toves and Natasha N. Blas, $635,000.

Wakefield Ct., 15755-Mitchel G. and Christine M. Kehler to James Adams, $415,000.


Baber Dr., 9046-Sergio R. Salcines to Greggery and Joette Sikes, $471,000.

Black Horse Ct., 7724-Andrews O. Koramoah to Marcelo D. Lopez, $370,000.

Brewer Creek Pl., 9053-Brenda L. Mulac and David R. Borsi to Michael T. Leung and Chelsea Ann Roseberry, $409,905.

Castle Rd., 7401-Patricia B. Blystone to Christie L. Graf, $370,000.

Community Dr., 8161-Allen and Donna Bahrami to Michael B. Ludwig, $234,900.

Crooked Creek Dr., 5948-James A. and Michelle Holtzclaw to Patricio D. Traversone Di Benedetto and Pablo Danielo Di Benedetto, $690,000.

Falkirk Way, 10512-John M. Nelson to Michael E. Carluzzo, $309,000.

Gray Fox Trail, 7016-Alvin and Tiffany Parker to Jeneen Marie and Michael Christopher Harris, $512,000.

Hinton Way, 10610-Kirk M. and Brittany J. Fitzpatrick to Ahmad Humayoon and Farida Faqiri, $455,000.

James Russell Rd., 8008-Rahimi Investment Corp. to Camila Alexandra Charquero Rivero and Fabiana Carolina Pombo Sansone, $267,000.

Lafayette Ave., 9392-Dustin and Alexandra Gaston to Filip Sufitchi, $400,000.

Margate Ct., 7577, No. 5B-102-Leopoldo Carreras to Afaf F. Rashid and Ahmad Jamil Abdel Jalil, $125,000.

Middleburg Ct., 8834-Carlos H. Cruz Nunez to Bruce and Sinta Martin, $253,000.

Norfolk St., 9621-Jose Espinal to Brenda Vanessa Gutierrez Samayoa and Rudy A. Samayoa Monterroso, $360,000.

Penny Lane, 8239-Gerald Maddox and estate of Charles Philip Neth to Zachary Main, $360,000.

Running Deer Rd., 12323-Joshua and Kristina Aussems to Chelsey Smith and Anne Burkhardt, $400,000.

Sly Fox Lane, 7872-Robert and Shonda L. Fancher to Kevin Cody, Erin Michelle and Kevin Hawk, $614,000.

Sudley Manor Dr., 9802-Alma Short and Dorothy Blasko to Bryan L. Merida and Maria J. Covarrubias, $357,450.

Tifton Ct., 6918-John Scott and Mitzi Marie Krebs to Gregory J. and Amy B. Arnold, $600,000.

Webster Tavern Way, 8640-Almond F. Butler to Kelsey C. and Benjamin Cariddi, $455,000.


Blandsford Dr., 8107-Jeffrey D. and Elizabeth L. Gordon to Joshua J. and Veronica M. Lind, $486,200.

Charnwood Ct., 8496-Estate Development Corp. to Christopher Bradley Jones Jr. and Rebah E. Holton, $350,000.

Frog Hollow Ct., 8216-Aausaestate Corp. to Yong Choo, $352,000.

James Hard Ct., 7770-Joel W. Maurer to Lakeshia R. Salvary and Aaron Michael Reaves, $525,000.

Old Centreville Rd., 8011-Cody and Laci Griffith to Maicol J. Tapia, $350,000.

Timberview Dr., 11060-William E. and Meredith A. Lehmer to Daniel J. and Sandy B. Antonson, $550,000.


Edgehill Dr., 15336-James E. and Denise L. Perry to Fereshta M. Karzai, $499,500.

Hidden Valley Ct., 3998-Donald A. and Jean M. Gressly to Yonathan E. and Sandy Carolina Flores, $351,000.

Marlington Dr., 15816-Christopher J. Easton and Janet M. Smith Easton to Cetan A. and Theresa L. Tameris, $590,000.

Renton Ct., 15713-Stanley J. Lee to Rachel Christine and John Patrick Griego, $490,000.

Taconic Cir., 16134-Adeline Joseph to Wendel E. Lanuza, $318,500.

Waters Edge Ct., 15326-Fereshta Karzai to Oleg I. Grynyk and Sergii Uralov, $317,800.


Aden Rd., 14407-Daniel Michael and Laura Simone Gossin to Aaron Leung and Hannah E. Straton, $465,000.

Crashing Thunder Pl., 10134-Daniel D. and Heekyung Chang to Sylejman and Xhevahire Baftija, $555,000.

Patriot Ridge Pl., 8491-Classic Concept Builders of Virginia Corp. to Stanley and Stephanie Kurtz, $844,354.


Poplar Lane, 103-MTGLQ Investors LP to Gholam H. Raminpour, $1.56 million.


Meyers Rd., 4274-Paramount Investments Corp. to Devry and Geronda Gillens, $495,000.


Abbottsbury Way, 2163-Christopher Michael Guthrie and Anne-Marie Dulgeroff Guthrie to William Patrick Isom, $338,000.

Anchorstone Dr., 5047-Myles C. and Monika M. Rice to Jonathan and Laarni Arnold, $295,500.

Balsam St., 14652-Gerald Ethan and Morgan Russell Hall to Carlos Watzon Erazo, $275,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 810, No. 405-Jeffrey D. Hendrix to Jeffery and Mary D. Gibert, $535,000.

Bolling Brook Ct., 16650-Marvin Odell and Rosie Marie Ross to George Z. and Kayla Waltemire, $450,000.

Caleb Ct., 12541-Margo Harris to Andrew Gregory Kerr and Megan Elizabeth Brooks, $580,000.

Cardiff Ct., 3207-Paul F. and Brenda E. Zerkow to Marcus E. Atkinson and Rashawnda S. Daniels Atkinson, $498,000.

Chickasaw Ct., 12318-Michael D. Meucci to Khaled Ragab Ali Sherif and Moshira Ahmed, $288,500.

Colchester Ferry Pl., 13346-Jerrilee de Geus to Elvis J. Condezo Esteban, $426,000.

Crossfield Way, 14581-Steven Skidmore and Mary Weaver to Stephanie Vernooy, $425,000.

Dara Dr., 12703, No. T2-Alfred Casale to Jose A. Bonilla, $160,000.

Deepford Dr., 2601-Robert E. and Victoria S. McLaughlin to John T. and Giovanna Sanchez Dailey, $473,900.

Drew Hunt Ct., 13150-Giancarlo A. Furgiuele to Todd Alan and Alisha Brisson Stamper, $500,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3602-Andrew Thomas and Courtney Horne to Marvin Ross, $495,000.

Featherstone Rd., 14710-Coyt M. and Amanda N. Ferrucci to Rachel V. Lopez, $425,000.

Fox Ridge Ct., 2538-Willem A. and Jantje B. Melis to Annemarie Carr, $180,000.

Garsdale Pl., 11417-Patrick E. and Cindy Wills to Paul A. and Sheila D. Richardson, $995,000.

Gunsmith Terr., 15394-Carlos N. Acosta Cruz and Xiomara E. Fiallos Salinas to Roni E. Acuna Romero, $290,000.

Hylton Ave., 1500-Nestor and Nataly Mendez to Singlavanh L. Luangxay, $336,000.

Indus Dr., 16147-Earl W. Rilington Jr. to Glenn E. Larkin III and Cristy L.S. Larkin, $484,000.

Jocelyn Dr., 3814-Jeffrey A. and Chelsea P. Northman to Philip Charles and Brooke L. Klein, $540,033.

Ladue Ct., 1621, No. 401-B-Elahe Farahmand to Elizabeth H. Burrows, $380,000.

Leatherwood Lane, 12912-Carolyn Wilson to Sharon T. and Christine L. Blackwell, $390,000.

Lockleven Lane, 12764-Leonard K. and Michelle D. Coleman to Jason Uchechi and Ike K. Emejuru, $340,900.

Lord Culpeper Ct., 15369-Duk Young and Mi Ok Chung to Hyung Koo Choi and Minwoo Ahn, $430,000.

Madeira Ct., 2939-Shaun M. and Amanda M. Brown to Felipe Vargas Perez, $316,000.

Margraf Cir., 2276-Janie L. Dagner to Wynn Shirai, $291,000.

Marsh Overlook Dr., 15425-Jonathan and Amy Cebik to Milinda and Charles E. Petitt, $590,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2304-Joni Frank to Anthony Urquiola, $334,500.

Nuttal Oak Pl., 16838-Alvin Ellis to Aminata Conteh, $320,000.

Olmstead Lane, 16058-Michael and Gina Leonard to Corey T. and Caitlin R. Morgan, $551,000.

Palisades St., 13865-Russell A. Strange to Tyler and Jennifer Hoogervorst, $467,900.

Point Longstreet Way, 11987-Karl G. and Alison Christine Graham to Denis M. Chinchilla Mora and Judith B. Enamorado, $390,000.

Presidio Way, 12115-Christopher J. and Lynn M. Leclair to Jesicca and Daniel Philip Chamberlin, $368,000.

Regatta Lane, 16400-Gertrudis E. Leach to Raynesha Sharpe, $505,000.

Rochelle Ct., 1817-Maria A. Morales and Armando A. Carillo to Mary Y. Cerrato Zaldivar, $310,000.

Seminole Rd., 3040-Marcus Atkinson and Rashawnda Daniels Atkinson to Jonathan Clayton Bostic, $335,000.

Stargrass Ct., 2051-Khurram M. Mughal to Sohail Mahmood and Khalid Mahmood Mughal, $272,000.

Taffrail Way, 2655-Courtney L. Dane and Justin A. Beekhuis to Joshua and Alexandra Olson, $525,000.

Tolson Pl., 11722, No. 302-Karl S. Williams Jr. and Christi R. Cuffee Williams to Jennifer Ruth Kay, $209,900.

Valley Stream Dr., 15247-Robert Lewis Lowe to Ronald and Lolita Recto, $257,500.

Wadsworth Way, 12287-Kathryn Studeman to Melissa Albrecht, $219,900.

Whistling Swan Way, 1616-Katharine G. Loving to Marcus Dwight and Julie Michelle Moyer, $560,000.

Winslow Ct., 1976-Jeffery D. and Vickie Jean Council to Joshua Gatke, $285,000.


These were among homes sold in June in Manassas.

Artillery Rd., 8614-Bruce G. Paterson and estate of Kevin D. Carrier to Forrest R. Tanner and Jaya F. Byrne, $325,000.

Braxted Lane, 8532-Kegame Mugonza to Alyssa R. Carr, $245,000.

Felsted Lane, 8373-Maria B. Magalhaes to Alfred Edward McCraw Jr., $297,000.

Grapewood Ct., 9951-William J. Reidy Jr. to Russell Henry Hager Jr. and Erica L. Sauls Hager, $210,000.

Hopkins Loop, 9910-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Scott Goodman, $475,000.

Mahogany Ct., 8639-Maurice A. Gipson and Patricia A. Guerrero to John Abdalla and Beshoy Zaki, $321,000.

Richmond Ave., 8602-Renate and Virgle E. Daugherty to Monti G. and Natthinee L. Zimmerman, $497,000.

Shady Grove Cir., 8383-Oscar E. Aparicio to Bryan Regalado, $269,000.

Speiden Trail, 10581-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Sarkawt Shamsulddin and Shnyar Anwar Hassan, $484,269.

Verbena Ct., 9148-Charlotte L. Breeden to Joshua Bayona Caro, $315,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in June in Manassas Park.

Bayberry Ave., 9221-Faten and Nawal Hammad to Ricardo F. Tome Barbosa and Zeyma N. Mercado, $399,000.

Butternut Cir., 10315-Ryan Kidd and Kristin Jo Fenwick to Shawn C. Carroll, $345,000.

Crozier Ct., 8465, No. 302-Sarah M. Mihelarakis to Lolita Stevens Johnson and Tyanna S. Stevens Bellamy, $168,000.

Fringe Tree Lane, 9322-William R. Weeks and Shannon M. Gartin to Britney S. Schulz, $267,000.

Hood Rd., 9228-Jose R. Escamilla Gonzalez to Filza Akbar, $200,000.

Lamont Ct., 8609-Linda Lavigne to Luis E. and Vianka Luy, $315,000.

Mercedes Dr., 9611-Jane Anne Harpold to Nelson P. Soliz, $485,000.

Point Of Woods Dr., 8621-Hatim Hussain to Carmen N. Green, $300,000.

Speiden Trail, 10565-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Denise M. Ebert-Carlston, $464,783.

Sumner Lake Blvd., 9349-Ilka Chavez to Karen M. Rhoad, $500,111.

Taylor St., 9132-Hugh P. Brien to Denise D. Tamer, $335,000.

Willow Grove Trail, 10013-Metropolitan Property Corp. to Jennifer Marie Lennett, $470,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Aiden Dr., 24-Atlantic Builders Corp. to Mabel Ababio Adjei, $569,500.

Arboretum Lane, 213-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to Maher N. Algibhah, $450,000.

Atlantic Dr., 1127-Courtney D. and Jennifer C. Jones to Ricardo Espinoza, $360,000.

Bayview Overlook, 1005-Ann H. Emerson to Cole Doerr and Savannah John, $314,000.

Bloomington Lane, 54-Donal J. and Karon S. Bolinger to Nathan and Reine Kathleen Gessner, $405,500.

Briar Dr. W., 13-Cedar Homes Investments Corp. to Joseph Francis Tayman III, $343,500.

Captain Johns Cove, 17-Anthony J. Dunivan to Sean and Cara Rynning, $405,000.

Chaps Lane, 83-Shipley Boykins to Charles Stevenson, $360,000.

Churchill Lane, 15-Jeffrey William and Tracy Garbett Timby to Evan R. and Jennifer A. Gordon, $620,000.

Clover Hill Dr., 32-Jimmy and Jennifer H. Rodriguez to Glenda Marisol Martinez-Lopez and Genesis D. Moya Martinez, $395,000.

Coachman Cir., 132-Carmen Walker to Rodolfo Rivera Luna, $500,000.

Cromwell Ct., 6-Brandon H. and Jessica E. Turner to Brian Thomas and Sarah Ross Geisen, $441,000.

Drum Point Dr., 12-Pulte Home Co. to John P. and Mary Katherine Metts, $600,000.

Forest Vista Lane, 2-Juan C. and Angelica Rodriguez to Wayne Alexander and Casey Michelle Switzer, $437,000.

Galway Lane, 707-Zachary W. Herbison to Victor Okyere, $302,000.

Glade Dr., 6-Kale Mitchell Huss to Marissa Weaver, $300,000.

Grosvenor Lane, 302, No. APT203-Timothy A. Harman to Bryton Spencer, $157,000.

Harpoon Dr., 2226-Delbert E. and Patricia A. Smidt to Luciano G. Denegri and Cassandra E. Perez, $290,000.

High St., 323-Sarah E. Smith to Christopher J. and Macaela Denno, $299,000.

Hope Forest Ct., 126-Hour Homes @ Seasons Landing Inc. to Carolyn S. Needler, $474,579.

Jib Dr., 136-Khalid A. Ghiassy and Soosan Yousofy to Edward Tizon Jones, $415,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 1304-Kurt F. Luertzing to Megan Suzanne Nestel, $262,000.

London Way, 20-Isaac L. Potter Jr. to Gerardo Marquina and Miriam D. Alvarez, $390,000.

Mossy Creek Lane, 11-D.R. Horton Inc. to Stephen Ty Dymczynski and Rachel Jordan Clatterbuck, $399,750.

Noahs Ct., 7-Gilbert D. and Linda L. Jaramillo to Shelly E. Hammond, $543,000.

Old Truslow Rd., 914-Lee D. and Lauren E. Verhine to Robert and Christie Duba, $550,000.

Onville Rd., 46-Cosmic Investments Corp. to Christian A. and Angel D. Guevara, $390,000.

Pensacola St., 9-Pulte Home Co. to Marianne Eileen Allen, $396,281.

Phillips St., 107-Estate of Joyce Martin and Jeffrey A. Brooks to Reina I. Peraza Nunez, $235,000.

Puri Lane, 33-Joseph A. Del Priore Sr. to Cyrus James and Sachiko Williams, $390,000.

Regency Dr., 9-Donald Richard and Cynthia C. Lausman to Cidalia Ntakounakis, $365,500.

River Crest Way, 604-NVR Inc. to Joslynn S. Day, $314,990.

Saint Adams Dr., 24-Robert A. Smith to Vincent Peren and Chengai Zhao, $489,900.

Saint Vincent Ct., 6-Marvin E. and Raselle H. Ferguson to Bradley Ernest and Kaila Brooke Bliss, $599,400.

Sharpsburg Lane, 19-Zachary Maldonado to Dora E. and Michael D. Harper, $393,000.

Short Branch Rd., 62-Trey B. Kennedy to Stephan A. Mensah, $335,000.

Snow Dr., 21-Kenneth and Patricia Bliss to John Charles and Ryshena Clara Eversley, $400,000.

Stafford Manor Way, 11-Hope Lawton to Daniel and Rebecca Weaver, $585,000.

Summer Breeze Lane, 87-Richard and Deborah Christensen to Jennifer June and Jimmy Rodriguez, $516,000.

Tankard Rd., 7-William A. and Kristine A. Ritenour to Donald and Quinn Santillo, $562,000.

Torey Ct., 6-Michael W. and Colleen M. Wieners to Rong Liu and Heather Lynn Nathanson, $567,500.

Vine Pl., 260-Villatoro Investments Corp. to Anette M. Ramos Reyes and Christian J. Rivera Carrero, $350,000.

Walnut Dr., 307-Ryan Poole and Kaitlyn Thissen to Austin Woolf, $262,600.

Westhampton Ct., 46-Robert B. and Sharon Dalton Spangler to Christopher L. and Jennifer Chavez, $515,000.

Wood Landing Rd., 182-U.S. Bank Trust and LSF10 Master Participation Trust to Thomas Anthony Kotula, $515,000.

Zoe Way, 108-D.R. Horton Inc. to Linda E. Duker, $485,000.