It may not have snowed much this week in Washington, but there’s no doubt that it’s winter. For an area that has enjoyed months of above-normal temperatures, it has been uncommonly cold this week.

Since Monday night, the mercury has not risen above the freezing mark at Reagan National Airport. It has been six years since Washington has been so cold for so long, according to The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang.

Wednesday was the coldest day in almost four years. The 15-degree reading at the airport was the coldest since March 3, 2009.

At noon Monday, when President Obama took the oath of office at the Capitol, it was 40 degrees. It reached 47 later in the day. Then the temperature began to fall.

Just before midnight Monday, the temperature had descended to 32. It hovered at the freezing point into early Tuesday. Then it began to skid through the 20s toward the teens.