While historic extremes of weather recently scourged Texas, Washington's summer was largely without extremes, based on National Weather Service data released Friday.

Although Labor Day traditionally ends summer, for meteorologists the season consists of June, July and August, a period that ended at midnight Thursday.

We had our share of rain, to be sure, 14.86 inches at Reagan National Airport. But that made this summer only the 36th wettest in Washington weather annals.

We set only a single daily rain record, 3.31 inches on July 28.

In the heat category, we fell far short of the city's top 10 steamiest, with the 78.8 degree average finishing only in 20th place.

It never got to 100 here, with the summer's high reading the 98 degrees of July 20. Only one daily high temperature record was set or matched, 95 on June 12.