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Washington Redskins team name creates divide

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Team owner Daniel Snyder has described the team’s name in a letter to fans as a “badge of honor,” and he has said he will never change it. Others have voiced opposition to the team’s name and are hoping for a change.

Hatcher claims he doesn’t remember making comments about officials and team name

Three days after saying that he wondered if close calls always go against the Redskins because of their controversial name, defensive end claims no recollection of those comments.

Jason Hatcher and the Redskins: Persecuted or paranoid?

Is the NFL really out to get Washington? Or does it just seem that way in Ashburn?

Jay Gruden: The officials are not why we lost to the Panthers

“I don’t want us to be perceived as a team that’s looking for excuses to why we lost,” Gruden said Monday. “The referees are not an excuse for us as to why we lost that football game.”

Panthers burn Redskins again on Twitter after blowout win

After winning on the field, Carolina continued its beat down of Washington online.

Jason Hatcher suggests that team name may be reason why Redskins don’t get favorable calls

Defensive end, frustrated with the officiating, hints that he feels team hasn’t received favorable calls this season because of Washington’s name.

Reformed Whores band to Redskins: Your name is way more offensive than ours

The Redskins took an interesting position in their latest legal filing. It may have raised more questions than answers.


Redskins name is not a divisive issue

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Jeb Bush has added the Redskins to his stump speech

Republican presidential candidate is like five minutes away from making the Redskins potato joke.


A stinging loss for the Washington football team

(Brynn Anderson / Associated Press)

California’s ban of the team’s offensive nickname should inspire Daniel Snyder and the NFL.