Utility crews have spotted a leak in a pipeline connected to a water main that exploded last week in Chevy Chase.

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission officials said utility crews isolated a portion of the 54-inch main and shut it down Monday night without causing any service interruptions.

“We are trying to find where the leak is occurring and fix it,” WSSC Spokesman I. J. Hudson said. Water is being drained from the pipe and an emergency contractor will begin repairs as soon as the problem is spotted, Hudson said.

The pipe is equipped with an acoustic sensor designed to detect problems with the pipe, but it does not pick up leaks, WSSC officials said.

The leak was found Monday afternoon in a wooded area near the 3200 block of Coquelin Terrace in Chevy Chase, about a mile from the site of last week’s massive break.

The 60-inch main that exploded a week ago near Connecticut Avenue and Chevy Chase Lake Drive led to five days of mandatory water restrictions for 1.8 million people in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. It also disrupted traffic in Montgomery.

The two pipes are connected, but it is unclear if the leak occurred as a result of the water main break, Hudson said.

“But we don’t know that anything caused anything at this point,” he said. “It is much too early to speculate on that.”