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On Friday, we celebrated half-year day, an annual summer landmark

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It was half-year day Friday, and on the weather front we celebrated the start of the second six-month installment of 2022 with heat, humidity, and reportedly even a little rain and hail in spots.

Appropriately, perhaps, the year’s concluding half began with 92-degree heat in Washington, three degrees above average for July 1. Arithmetic tells us that not every day can be above average, but a certain local pride almost requires it of an important, although informal, summer calendar landmark.

In a show of meteorological continuity, the year’s final semester began by extending the thermal trend that ended the initial one. Thursday, June 30, had also registered in the 90s, with a high of 91.

But if Friday embodied atmospheric drama it may have been in its skies and clouds. In late afternoon, darkness in the west suggested the stormy imminence of thunder, lightning and rain.

By evening it seemed that storms had skirted the city. But, it may not have mattered too much. Their mere proximity had helped in our observance of the First of July.

The billowing masses of cloud created an almost theatrical effect. By screening the sun, they produced an almost eerie light. It seemed to suggest the watery dimness beneath the surface of an outdoor pool, and it added a touch of visual distinction to half-year day.