People know by now how tornadoes are supposed to sound. So when a Prince George’s County woman suspected Monday night that she was seeing one, she got closer to a window, she said, “to see if it sounded like a train.”

As it turned out, said Leona Lowe, it didn’t. Nevertheless, the National Weather Service confirmed Tuesday that a tornado, if only a small one, touched down along a 2.3-mile path in the Clinton-Brandywine area.

With top winds estimated at 65 mph, the twister caused no injuries and little damage during a powerful thunderstorm about 7:30 p.m., according to the weather service and witnesses.

The tornado snapped tree limbs measuring as much as a foot across, and it broke and twisted several trees near their tops. Flashing peeled from a house in the Crestview Manor development, the weather service said.

Prince George’s resident Joseph Dixon said he did not get a close-up look as the storm passed because he heeded warnings. “They told us to go in the basement,” he said, and he went. He said Friday’s thunderstorms knocked over his backyard corn stalks, and Monday’s storm did it again.