Projects proposed

1. Meadows II, Section 3, east of Fleetwood Road, north of Route 50, northwest of Revival Drive and Route 616, and 3.5 miles east of Route 15. Subdivide 37.18 acres zoned R-1 (Residential, one unit per acre) for 20 single-family lots, one open lot, street dedication and various easements.

2. Grange At Willowsford, Section 5B, north of Route 50, west of Evergreen Mills Road off of Briarfield Lane. Subdivide 126.06 acres zoned R-2 (Residential, two units per acre) for 23 single- family detached lots, one open parcel and four residue parcels.

3. Goose Creek Preserve, Section 2A, along Belmont Ridge Road, about one-half mile from the Dulles Toll Road. Subdivide 3.75 acres zoned PDH-4 (Planned Development Housing, four units per acre) for 56 single-family attached lots.

4. Crosstrail Commercial Center, east of the Dulles Greenway, south of Battlefield Parkway, north of Shreve Mill Road and west of Sycolin Road. Special exception to allow a convenience food store with gas pumps on 444.81 acres zoned PD-IP (Planned Development, Industrial Park).

5. Prologis Park, Gateway Phase III, Building 8, 45190 Prologis Plaza, Sterling. Special exception for data center use on 19.39 acres zoned PD-IP (Planned Development, Industrial Park).

6. Loudoun Water — Red Hill Road, south side of Red Hill Road, east of Weston Road, west of Evergreen Mills Road and north of Route 50. Special exception to allow two elevated water tanks on 72.9 acres zoned TR3 (Transitional Residential 3).

7. Route 28 Health and Fitness Center, west of Route 28, in the southeast corner of Pacific Boulevard and Relocation Drive. Special exception to allow a 0.6 floor area ratio on 8.93 acres zoned PD-IP (Planned Development, Industrial Park).

8. Waltonwood Ashburn, southeast corner of Ashburn Village Boulevard and Russell Branch Parkway. Continuing-care facility on 14.9 acres zoned PD-AAAR (Planned Development, Active Adult, Age Restricted).

9. Dulles Trade Center West Lot 17, northwest of Evergreen Mills Road and Trade Center West Drive. Two-story office building, equipment maintenance garage and associated infrastructure on 3.73 acres zoned PD-GI (Planned Development, General Industry).

10. Kirkpatrick West Commercial Center, southeast of Northstar Boulevard and Braddock Road. A 12,000-square-foot child-care center and a 121,25- square-foot shopping center on 20.72 acres zoned PDH-3 (Planned Development Housing, three units per acre).

11. Dulles Trade Center, West Lot 17, north of Evergreen Mills Road on Dulles Trade Court, off Tradewest Drive. Proposed office-equipment maintenance garage and associated infrastructure on 3.73 acres zoned PD-GI (Planned Development, General Industry).

12. Fleetwood Road North Assemblage Rezoning, southwest corner of Evergreen Mills and Fleetwood roads. Rezone 136.04 acres from TR3-UBF (Transitional Residential, one unit per three acres) to TR2 (Transitional Residential, one unit per two acres) for construction of a community of single-family detached dwelling units.

13. Lim Property Rezoning, southeastern corner of Croson Lane and Belmont Ridge Road. Rezone about 16.77 acres from R-1 (Residential, one unit per acre) to R-8 (Residential, eight units per acre) for 112 townhouse units and 22,600 square feet of active recreation uses.

14. Old Ryan Road Rezoning, 43470 Old Ryan Rd. Rezone 3.35 acres from R-1 (Residential, one unit per acre) to R-16 (Residential, 16 units per acre) for a single-family attached house community.

15. McIntosh Assemblage, 40767, 40813, 40858, 40929 and 40958 Braddock Rd. (Aldie) Rezone 97.11 acres from TR-1 (Transitional Residential, one unit per acre) and TR-3 (Transitional Residential, one unit per three acres) to TR-1 for 81 single-family detached units.

Projects approved

16. Greens At Willowsford, Section 4B, south of Braddock Road, south side of Grassland Grove Drive and east of Peach Orchard Lane. Approval for eight single-family detached lots and two open parcels on 103.37 acres zoned TR1UBF and TR3UBF (Transitional Residential, one unit per acre and one unit per three acres).

17. Stone Ridge Land Bay 4, south of Route 50, adjacent to Tall Cedars Parkway and Stonecutter Street. Approval for 78 single-family detached lots and three open lots on 73.44 acres zoned PDH-4 (Planned Development Housing, four units per acre) and PD-IP (Planned Development, Industrial Park).

18. Grove At Willowsford, Section 6, north of Braddock Road and east of Trailhead Drive. Subdivide 109.64 acres zoned TR1UBF (Transitional Residential, one unit per acre) for 25 single-family detached lots and one open lot.

19. CWS Wheatland No. 116, 38295 Charles Town Pike. Special exception to allow construction of a 110-foot telecommunications tree pole with associated equipment in a 40-by-80 foot compound on 9.8 acres zoned AR1 (Agricultural Rural).

20. Prologis Park, Gateway Phase III, Building 9, 45109 Prologis Plaza, west of the Route 28 and Sterling Boulevard intersection. Special-exception approval to allow office and data center uses on 19.39 acres zoned PD-IP (Planned Development, Industrial Park).

21. Eastgate Park and Ride, southwest corner of Eastgate View Drive and Tall Cedars Parkway. Approval for a public park and commuter park-and-ride lot on 16.31 acres zoned CLI (Commercial Light Industry).

22. Stone Ridge Commuter Lot, Mill Stream Drive and Village Center Plaza. Approval for a commuter parking lot with associated utilities and infrastructure on 2.44 acres zoned PD-CC (Planned Development, Commercial Center).

Building permits

23. Tedd and Dana Durden of Lovettsville, 2,473-square-foot store addition and 1,788-square-foot interior alternation at 13068 Taylorstown Rd.

24. Stone Ridge, 4,419-square-foot clubhouse at 24605 Stone Carver Dr.

25. Dulles Town Crossing, 1,962-square-foot tenant fit-up at 45591 Dulles Eastern Plaza.

26. One Loudoun Downtown, 2,500-square-foot tenant fit-up at 44743 Brimfield Dr. and a 1,388-square-foot tenant fit-up at 20598 Easthampton Plaza.

27. Dulles 28 Centre, 13,718-square-foot showroom addition at 21710 Auto World Cir.

28. Loudoun County School Board, stadium grandstands and press box for Rock Ridge High School, 43460 Loudoun Reserve Dr.

29. Severn Way Commercial, security office and security upgrade at 45360 West Severn Way.

30. Elaine Cain, 7,200-square-foot community wedding facility at 18090 Silcott Springs Rd.

31. Summit at Dulles, 35,428-square-foot building at 44810 Old Ox Rd.

32. Beaumeade, 3,562-square-foot tenant fit-up at 21551 Beaumeade Cir.

33. Loudoun Parkway Center, 198,800-square-foot tenant fit-up at 43940 Digital Loudoun Plaza.

34. Chelsea GCA Realty Partnership, tenant alteration at 241 Fort Evans Rd.

35. Centre Park Stone Ridge Condo, 57,813-square-feet condo building, garage units, handicapped access unit and 26 residential condominium units at 24637 Woolly Mammoth Terr.

36. DTC Partners LLC, 71,819-square-foot multifamily building and 43 apartment units in building B1 at 45716 Imperial Sq., and 35 apartment units in building F, 45724 Imperial Sq.

37. DTC Partners LLC, 41 apartment units in building D, 21250 Windmill Parc Dr.

38. Brambleton Landbay 3, 12 townhouses at Benfold Square.

— Compiled by Sandy Mauck