Projects proposed

1. Brambleton Land Bay 3, Section 27, northeast corner of Belmont Ridge Road and Shreveport Drive. Subdivide 307.95 acres zoned PDH-4 (Planned Development Housing — four units per acre) and PD-GI (Planned Development — General Industrial) for 193 single-family detached homes and six open parcels.

2. Seven Hills Section 1, Block D, off Seven Hills Road on the west side of Gum Spring Road, south of Braddock Road. Subdivide 306.53 acres zoned PDH-3 (Planned Development Housing — three units per acre) for six single-family detached residential lots, street dedication and one open parcel.

3. Loudoun Valley Estates II, Land Bay 5, Section 11, northwest corner of Creighton Road and the Loudoun County Parkway. Subdivide 321.78 acres zoned PDH-4 (Planned Development Housing — four units per acre) for 102 single-family attached units, three open parcels and associated infrastructure.

4. Greens South at Willowsford south of Braddock Road, east of Peach Orchard Road and west of Lighthouse Farm Road. Rezone 737 acres from TR-3 (Transitional Residential-3) to TR-1 (Transitional Residential-1) to permit 802 single-family detached units and a 61.85-acre public use site.

5. Brambleton Active Adult, south of Creighton Road and east of the Loudoun County Parkway. Rezone 115 acres from PD-AAAR (Planned Development-Age-Restricted/Active Adult) to either PDH-4 (Planned Development Housing — four units per acre) for development of 522 market-rate units (not age-restricted) with no net change in number of units allowed.

6. Ashburn Village, Section 40, Land Bay 1, Phase 1A, northeast corner of Rocky Knoll Square and Rubble Terrace. Subdivide 47.02 acres zoned PDH-6 (Planned Development Housing — six units per acre) for 16 single-family attached units.

7. Loudoun Water Treatment Plant Phase 1, north of the Dulles Greenway between Sycolin Road and Belmont Ridge Road. A water treatment plant and associated infrastructure on 170.83 acres zoned MR-HI (Mineral Resource — Heavy Industry).

8. CD Smith Property, sections 3A and 4, north of Braddock Road, south of Tall Cedars Parkway. Subdivide 93.23 acres zoned PDH-4 (Planned Development Housing — four units per acre) for two lots with dedication of right-of-way for roads.

9. CD Smith Property Section 6, between the intersections of Tall Cedars Parkway at Northstar Boulevard and Braddock Road. Recreation facilities to include a community building, pool and amenities on 117.52 acres zoned PDH-4 (Planned Development Housing — four units per acre).

10. CD Smith Property Section 4, east of Northstar Boulevard and Conejo Way. Eighty-eight multifamily condominium units and associated infrastructure on 117.52 acres zoned PDH-4 (Planned Development Housing — four units per acre).

11. HS-6 Loudoun Valley Estates High School, north of Hemingford Circle and west of Old Ox Road. A high school on 112.87 acres zoned PD-GI (Planned Development — General Industrial).

Projects approved

12. Goose Creek Preserve, west of Belmont Ridge Road and south of the Dulles Greenway. Approval for creation of a non-residential lot for the community center on 89.11 acres zoned PDH-4 (Planned Development Housing — four units per acre).

13. Historic Selma Estates, Phase 1, Section 5, west of Montressor Road along Dorneywood Drive. Approval for 18 hamlet lots, seven conservancy lots and one open parcel with associated right-of-way dedication on 235 acres zoned AR-1 (Agricultural Rural).

14. Meadows Phase B, north of John S. Mosby Highway, west of Fleetwood Road. Approval for 18 single-family detached lots, four open parcels, street dedication and various easements on 26.64 acres zoned TR1 (Transitional Residential-1).

15. Estates at Evergreen, east side of Beaverdam Drive, north of Ryan Road. Approval for 13 single-family detached lots and two open parcels with associated right-of-way dedication and easements on 137.66 acres zoned TR10 (Transitional Residential-10).

16. Ashburn Center North, northeast corner of Ashburn Village Boulevard and Red Rum Drive. Special exception to allow office use (restricted to 100 percent data center uses) and allow a 0.6 FAR (Floor Area Ratio) on 10.97 acres zoned PD-IP (Planned Development — Industrial Park).

17.Ashleigh at Lansdowne, 44219 Slatestone Ct. Special exception to allow assisted living and memory care units on 39.38 acres zoned PD-AAAR (Planned Development — Age Restricted/Active Adult).

18. Loudoun County transit operations and main facility, north of Cochran Mill Road, south of Battlefield Parkway, east of Sycolin Road and west of Harry Byrd Highway. Approval for two buildings totaling 25,735 square feet, with associated utilities and parking, for a bus maintenance facility on 670.89 acres zoned JLMA20 (Joint Land Management Area).

19. Broadlands Section 200 Community Center, southeast corner of Waxpool Road and the Dulles Greenway. Approval for a 4,500-square-foot community center with parking on 8.61 acres zoned PDH-4 (Planned Development Housing-four units per acre).

20. Brambleton Shreveport Ridge, north of Shreveport Drive and east of Belmont Ridge Road. Approval for 98 multifamily dwelling units with roads and utility infrastructure on 238.21 acres zoned PD-GI (Planned Development — General Industrial).

21. GWU Museum Conservation and Resource Center, Presidential Drive and George Washington Boulevard, north of Route 7. Approval for a 35,000-square-foot shell building for a future academic wing and a 22,000-square-foot museum support building and associated parking and infrastructure on 18.8 acres zoned PD-RDP (Planned Development — Research and Development Park).

Building permits

22. Ashburn Technology Park, two 54,384-square-foot buildings at 44190 Waxpool Rd.

23. Loudoun Hospital Center, 1,142-square-foot interior space alterations at 224-A Cornwall St.

24. Howard Hughes Medical, for interior alterations at the Zebra Fish facility and to the optics lab/second floor at 19751 Janelia Farm Blvd.

25. Goose Creek Village, a 9,268-square-foot day-care center at 42660 Generation Dr.

26. Loudoun Parkway Center North, a 42,900-square-foot tenant fit-up at 43780 Digital Loudoun Plaza.

27. Broadlands, a 2,184-square-foot, two-story clubhouse at 43360 Rickenbacker Sq.

28. Cascades Place, 12 condominium units at 45780 Winding Branch Terr.

29. Summerwalk at Stone Ridge, 12 condominium units at 42267 Canary Grass Sq.

30. East Gate Condominium, 12 condominium units at 25491 Feltre Terr.

31. Townes at Goose Creek, 20 condominium units at 42813 Burrell Sq.

— Compiled by Sandy Mauck