A white-tailed deer did not survive an encounter with two cheetahs after apparently jumping into their enclosure Friday at the National Zoo, authorities said.

It was the most recent of the violent confrontations in the Washington region involving deer, which have been proliferating.

The Washington Humane Society said that on Dec. 20, it found a male deer with a severe arrow wound on First Place SW near South Capitol Street.

The white-tail was euthanized, and the society announced a $1,000 reward Friday for information about whoever inflicted the wound.

Also on Dec. 20, a collision with a deer smashed the windshield of a Prince George’s County police car. The deer was fatally injured, said Officer Nicole Hubbard, a police spokeswoman.

In the zoo incident, the dead deer was found in the cheetah exhibit about 11:40 a.m. after a keeper heard a commotion, the zoo said. The zoo said the cheetahs appeared unharmed.

In November 2009, a deer, apparently from the adjacent Rock Creek Park, jumped a zoo wall and was killed by two lions.