Two of the 42 cats taken from a woman's apartment in Northeast Washington, according to the Humane Rescue Alliance. (Humane Rescue Alliance)

A Northeast Washington woman was arrested on animal cruelty charges after she turned over to a rescue group the 42 cats she was keeping in her one-bedroom apartment, officials said.

Officials with the Humane Rescue Alliance had been investigating Kimberly Jean Bungard since last March, when they seized two turtles and six cats from her home. They said she “failed to provide the animals with proper care.”

Bungard later gave up 42 cats to the group. Authorities said many of the cats had hair loss and scabby skin as a result of fleas and were underweight. Others had untreated dental problems, open wounds and skin infections, they said.

She was arrested on a warrant Friday on charges of animal cruelty.

Rescue officers said they also found two turtles in her home that were being kept in a tank with dirty water. They had ammonia scalding on their shells and skin, the officers said.

“No animal should be forced to live in conditions like we saw in this apartment and without adequate food, water and medical care,” said Chris Schindler, vice president of field services for the Humane Rescue Alliance.

Officials said most of the animals have been placed in new homes and are showing improvements in their health.