Lonnae O’Neal Parker

Lonnae O’Neal Parker is a reporter on the Metropolitan staff who has been working with the investigative unit this year on its D.C. schools project. Lonnae previously worked nine years for The Post’s Style section, writing primarily about popular culture and race.

In 2000, she was a winner of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism award for distinguished work in the coverage of race and ethnicity in America. That same year, her feature “White Girl” was made the subject of a special broadcast of ABC’s “Nightline.” Lonnae was a contributor to the Post’s award-winning 2006 “Being a Black Man” series which has been published as a book. She is the author of I’m Every Woman, Remixed Stories of Marriage, Motherhood and Work.

Lonnae holds a degree in journalism from Southern Illinois University; she attended graduate school at Howard University, where she studied sociology.