Lynn Skynear
Panelist, On Small Business

Lynn Skynear is the owner of Skynear Designs Gallery, a boutique where works of art are found alongside artisan-crafted furniture.Skynear Designs Gallery has grown dramatically since opening in the heart of Adams Morgan in 1988.

The influence of Lynn Skynear and the design gallery’s team can be seen in the rebuilding and designing of the Iraqi Embassy in Washington. The Skynear Designs Gallery team has also furnished several other embassies, as well as an assortment of homes, TV and movies sets, restaurants, clubs and more.

The design gallery entered into a new phase in 2011 with the opening of an art gallery in its building on 18th Street Northwest, where the work of Romero Britto is on permanent display.

As a young woman, Lynn worked briefly in public relations for an Australian airline before spending two decades in journalism.

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