Is it possible to condemn one empire without upholding another?

The danger of making wars into moral crusades.

By Moon-Ho JungMay 22, 2022

An overlooked conservative writer helps explain Trump’s enduring appeal

Midge Decter provided the glue that held conservatism together for a half-century.

By Ronnie GrinbergMay 20, 2022

The tie between the Buffalo shooting and banning abortion

The two may seem unconnected, but a centuries-long history of panic about White birth rates binds them together.

By Mytheli SreenivasMay 20, 2022

Eurovision has always been a forum for political performance

The song contest has long traced historical and political developments across Europe.

By Tess MegginsonMay 19, 2022

Bringing CPAC to Hungary betrays the origins of the conservative movement

The fight against authoritarianism in Hungary played a key role in building the modern conservative movement.

By Lauren LassabeMay 19, 2022

Digital currencies are repeating the problems of 19th-century paper money

History’s lessons for the volatile digital currency markets.

By Jonah EstessMay 18, 2022

The solution to formula shortage isn’t calling for more breastfeeding

Claims that mothers lacking formula should just breastfeed repeats a centuries-old mistake.

By Laura EarlsMay 18, 2022

The model for mobilizing to protect abortion rights beyond voting

“We’re pro-choice and we riot!” How anarchists reframed the fight for abortion.

By Spencer BeswickMay 17, 2022

The Buffalo shooting exposes how history shapes the present

This Northern city was shaped by racial terrorism and persistent advocacy for Black liberation.

By Chad WilliamsMay 17, 2022

The mass shooting in Buffalo reflects deeply rooted American ideas

Until we grapple with our history, white supremacist terrorism will keep happening.

By Jesse CurtisMay 16, 2022

What everyone gets wrong about evangelicals and abortion

Evangelicals started speaking out against legal abortion long before the late 1970s.

By Gillian Frank and Neil J. YoungMay 16, 2022

Lessons from World War II can help us navigate the baby formula shortage

Children from poor families or with special formula needs are most at risk.

By Janet GoldenMay 15, 2022

A border security expo in Texas echoes another exposition 5 decades ago

But a legal change has made circumstances — and the goal of the events — very different.

By Gene MoralesMay 13, 2022

If courts recognize fetal personhood, women’s rights are curtailed

If a fetus has more rights than a pregnant person, the outcome will be forced medical interventions.

By Rebecca KluchinMay 12, 2022

History shows that the First Amendment should protect abortion

Antiabortion activists have long sought to prevent this.

By Rachel KransonMay 12, 2022

Abraham Lincoln supported a wealth tax. Here’s why.

The principles behind the American Revolution justified such a tax.

By Stewart WingerMay 11, 2022

Putin’s violence undermines centuries of international law and norms

Even cynical readings of the international law tradition speak to its power to shape norms and change behavior.

By J.M. OpalMay 11, 2022

LGBTQ people are disproportionately incarcerated. Here’s why.

More than a century of homophobia and transphobia have shaped the policing and incarceration of women and trans men.

By Hugh RyanMay 10, 2022

A formerly enslaved woman helped found a key American university

Mary Lumpkin’s life helps us to better understand the post-Civil War push for education.

By Kristen GreenMay 10, 2022