Let’s dive right in:

In this unusually shaped puzzle (23x19 squares), six famous bridges are hidden in longer phrases, and their real-world locations are marked in parentheses in the theme clues. The bridges cross unchecked (one-letter) squares in the middle of the grid, and those unchecked squares spell B-R-I-D-G-E.

  • 30A: [2001 Prince album that tells a story of a religious utopia (New York/Ontario)] is THE RAINBOW CHILDREN, for the Rainbow Bridge.
  • 37A: [Food magazine based in a Big Apple borough (New York)] is EDIBLE BROOKLYN. Brooklyn Bridge.
  • 62A: [Old military outpost that served as a battle site during the War of 1812 (Michigan)] is FORT MACKINAC. Mackinac Bridge.
  • 71A: [1989 Martin Amis mystery adapted into a 2018 film (England)] is LONDON FIELDS. London Bridge.
  • 92A: [Site of the oldest public Japanese garden in the U.S. (California)] is GOLDEN GATE PARK. Golden Gate Bridge.
  • 101A: [Attraction without a straight orientation (England)] is LEANING TOWER OF PISA. Tower Bridge, and my favorite clue in the puzzle.

One note about a pair of adjacent clues: 38D: [Craft seen on game day] is BLIMP and 39D: [Croft seen on game day?] is LARA. I realize the latter is a bit of a stretch since who calls a day that you play video games a “game day,” but it amused me how it could nearly match the clue right next to it, so I went for it.

See you next week!