Last week I mentioned that my crossword would now be running in the print version of the Arizona Daily Star’s “Caliente” section of their print edition, taking the slot previously filled by Erik Agard. Little did I realize at the time that he was about to be named the new editor of the USA Today crossword. He began his tenure this past Monday. So proud of the guy; I can say “I knew him when.” Major congrats to you, Erik!

Captain Obvious is back for another adventure. This time he's the center of a gripping, realistic medical drama:

  • 23A: [“___ can be observed with dermatology exams and X-rays”] is ALL SKIN AND BONES.
  • 34A: [“___ are two of my four limbs”] is AN ARM AND A LEG.
  • 52A: [“___? It’d be better to administer a vaccine with the lights on”] is SHOT IN THE DARK.
  • 69A: [“___? I’ll call the otolaryngologist to remove that amphibian”] is HAVE A FROG IN YOUR THROAT.
  • 90A: [“___ is a sign of discomfort just below your head”] is PAIN IN THE NECK.
  • 105A: [“___? Put this heating pad on your joint to warm it up”] is COLD SHOULDER.
  • 120A: [“___, and you’ll duck beneath that scalpel”] is GO UNDER THE KNIFE.

As usual, the good captain can only use his powers seven times, once for each day of the week. I’m not really sure what kind of doctor he is or who would play him in the gritty TV drama adaptation. I assume that whenever he’s not making obvious diagnoses, he greets everyone else in the hospital with the simple one-word “Doctor.”

See you next week with a tougher-than-normal puzzle.