I completely forgot to mention this last weekend, but Friday, Dec. 6 marked exactly four years since my very first Post Magazine crossword! More than 200 puzzles and over 30,000 clues later and I’m still enjoying it. Let’s do another 30,000 clues, okay? (Not all at once, obviously.)

Here are some notable answers and clues from today’s 132-word challenger:

  • 18A: [Colorful pieces from a navel coat] is ORANGE ZEST. I like this clue. The spelling of “navel” sort of gives it away, though.
  • 23A: [Japanese model also known as the MX-5] is MAZDA MIATA. Not being much of a car buff to begin with, the MX-5 name is basically the one piece of information I know cold about the Miata. Of course, it’s something I learned just from solving crosswords all the time.
  • 24A: [“Begin the Beguine” songwriter] is COLE PORTER. I didn’t just pull that song out of a hat! I actually sang it in high school for my choir’s jazz concert. Here’s Ella Fitzgerald singing it way better than I ever could.
  • 31A: [All-too-familiar expression?] is BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. One reason I like writing themeless 21x21 puzzles is that you can fit in some 17-letter — or longer — phrases you might not otherwise see very often in themed puzzles. This one qualifies.
  • 39A: [Pessimistic ass] is EEYORE. My wife gets the credit for this clue when I was stuck thinking of other ones. Sometimes you just know a winner when you hear it.
  • 43A: [___ Munich (German football club)] is BAYERN Munich. One of their big rivals is Borussia Dortmund. Though I don’t follow men’s club soccer much, I know this fact because one of my friends is originally from Germany, and she and her husband had a very strong rooting interest in one of those teams and a strong loathing of the other. (I want to say they’re Dortmund fans, but don’t quote me on this.)
  • 48A: [Lab access?] is PET DOOR. “Lab” and “Boxer” seem to be my most common go-to key words in clues about dogs.
  • 67A: [Computer code] is IP ADDRESS. This ended up being my second-favorite clue today. The more I look at this answer, though, the more trouble I have parsing it. I keep thinking it’s supposed to be IPAD DRESS.
  • 71A: [“I’m not a fatalist. Even if I was, what could I do about it?” speaker Philips] is EMO Philips. I thought this was an amusing quote. He doesn’t get enough exposure in puzzles for all of the times we see EMO.
  • 91A: [Links on ihop.com?] is SAUSAGES. My favorite clue today.
  • 99A: [Charismatic leader’s problematic following] is CULT OF PERSONALITY. It’s unsettling yet apt that when I was looking for a matching 17-letter answer, I was drawn to this one.
  • 111A: [Steeped beverage with floral notes] is JASMINE TEA. I’ve always been a tea guy rather than a coffee guy, but I don’t drink this enough even though I really enjoy the taste.
  • 114A: [Richard Pryor-Gene Wilder film involving mistaken identity] is “ANOTHER YOU.” I haven’t seen it; Wikipedia tells me it was a flop.
  • 119A: [Final school period, perhaps] is SENIOR YEAR. The “perhaps” was a hedge in case you have graduate school ahead of you.
  • 13D: [Worker mixing up notes?] is STENO, which literally scrambles the letters of “notes.”
  • 28D: [One involved in heated online debates, in slang] is KEYBOARD WARRIOR. I think of the quintessential keyboard warrior as the “someone on the Internet is wrong” guy from XKCD.
  • 37D: [Old news, e.g.] is OXYMORON. This word is basically ripe for an example-style clue since so many oxymorons appear to be normal phrases that don’t immediately scream the answer.
  • 50D: [Take place?] is OP-ED. A close echo of the clue I wrote three weeks ago for the longer OP-ED COLUMN.
  • 59D: [Like the wine mixed with iocane powder in “The Princess Bride”] is POISONED. Still one of my favorite scenes from that movie.
  • 77D: [Religious profession, perhaps] is TENET. It’s tough finding new clues for this answer considering how often it comes up, and this one felt more fresh than usual.
  • 92D: [Dana who provided the voice of Master Shake on “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”] is Dana SNYDER. I used to watch that cartoon a lot back in its mid-aughts heyday.

Be warned that next week’s puzzle has a meta, but you can conquer it. I have faith.