Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele has prepared a bill to recognize the cryptocurrency and says he plans to send it to the legislature in the coming days.

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq also end lower as inflation and rate hike fears put investors on edge.

Once one of the most sought-after stockbrokers in high finance, he became a symbol of Wall Street greed.

The video game retailer’s market cap soared past $18.3 billion in wild session.

Stocks fell sharply Thursday after the Fed chair said prices were likely to increase later this year, even as he cautioned that any inflation would be short-lived.

He helped lead and write a major report on causes of the 1987 stock market crash, then served in George H.W. Bush’s Treasury Department as undersecretary for domestic finance.

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The video game retailer's resurgence comes one month after its frenzied rise shocked the financial world and was cheered on by online investors.

More than 2 million firearms were sold in January, an 80 percent jump and the third-highest monthly total on record.

A Treasury Department official said the meeting could take place as early as Thursday.

Stock prices have soared for months in defiance of an ailing, pandemic-wrecked economy. Now they seem impervious to something even more disturbing: the erosion of American democracy.

The blue chip index seesawed throughout the trading day as investors tracked results in Georgia and in D.C.

The cryptocurrency has more than tripled this year amid rising demand from institutional investors and tech companies.

The rising 401(k) balances so often cheered by President Trump are virtually meaningless to most Americans, data show.

The Dow and S&P 500 end a see-saw session in the plus column and post their best back-to-back quarters since 2009.

Financials fell sharply after an explosive report alleging that several major banks knowingly facilitated suspicious transactions.

The automaker’s shares plunge 21.1 percent after the Standard & Poor’s 500 bypasses it but adds Etsy, Teradyne and Catalent to the index.

A listing of homes sold in Montgomery and Frederick counties.

The markets discounted the coronavirus pandemic and recession, and investors look set to shrug off the prospect of a Democratic sweep in November — even though that could bring a reversal of Trump's corporate tax cuts and deregulation.

Parts of the economy are more than 80 percent back, but others are barely 25 percent recovered.

A wave of cases in Texas, Florida and other states sparks a broad selloff, unnerving investors.

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