Despair, disbelief and defiance as another town is inundated in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Floyd and subsequent flooding decimated the town 17 years ago. Now, flooding from Hurricane Matthew threatens it again.

North Carolina residents flee lowlands. Hurricane Matthew and its aftermath parallel the worst flood to hit the area — Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

We can't reliably pinpoint where the storm's most severe impacts start and stop.

Staggering quantities of rain and the resulting flooding induced the greatest damage in the United States.

The storm was "hugging" Florida's coast, bringing pounding rain and wind along the state's eastern shores.

A dangerous storm surge and flooding rain predicted for the Southeast into Saturday.

At a pivotal moment, the government's hub for official hurricane information was inaccessible.

The U.N. said more than 350,000 people need assistance, and aid agencies fear cholera outbreaks.

Hurricanes can also affect which way the political winds blow.

More than 2.5 million people have been ordered to evacuate homes from Florida to South Carolina.

Matthew will be a potentially historic nightmare for nearly the entire east coast of Florida.

Aid workers find extensive damage and worry about a major outbreak of cholera.

The damage to the southwestern port city of Les Cayes was extensive.

The science of hurricanes and climate remains intensely debated.

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