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Ethan Selzer
VP, Retail & Regional Sales
Retail & Regional Sales
Jacquelyn Cameron
VP, Leadership and Global Sales
Global, Washington DC Associations Coalitions, and Issue Advocacy Advertising
Molly Bechert
Director, Global Client Solutions
Midwest & West Coast Offices
Katie Zambrano
Director, Global Client Solutions
East Coast Office
Pamela Carlsen
Global Account Executive
Detroit Office
Ashley Carpenter
Director, Global Client Solutions
Southeast Office
Jeff Goldman
Manager, Global Client Solutions
Automotive, Financial, Technology, Travel, Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, Corporate, National and International Advertising
Lindsay Aleo
Global Account Executive
Boston and New England Office
Kaleigh Mountain
Senior Account Executive
Austin Office
Doug Coffelt
Director, Client Solutions
Retail Advertising, Auto
Account Manager
WP Magazine, TV Week
Charles Ford
Manager, Client Solutions
Preprints, Consumer Packaged Goods, Movies
Ron Ulrich
Manager, Client Solutions
Health, Education, Local Gov, Federal Gov, Utilities, Regional Travel, Charities, Local Entertainment, Performing Arts, Museums
Bryan Pokusa
Manager, Sales
Classified, Legal Notices, Paid Death Notices
Eric Martin
Manager, Sales
Real Estate & Recruitment
Live Events
Cliff McKinney
Director of Sales
Live Events
Emma Winchurch-Beale
Director, International Sales
Europe and Asia