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The Washington Post newspaper is the indispensable guide to Washington. In the capital and beyond, The Washington Post delivers news and understanding about the politics, policies, regulations, agencies and leaders that make Washington the world's seat of power. The newspaper is also a place where local life unfolds with regional and Post Local content and popular features, including Metro, Sports, Arts & Style, Food, Local Living, and Weekend. 
the WASHINGTON post magazine
The Washington Post Magazine arrives on readers' doorsteps with their Sunday Washington Post each week.  The Magazine entertains, and is a showcase advertising environment helping readers decide where to spend their time and money. 
Insert Marketplace
In Paper
One of the most powerful advertising environments for retailers and service providers, The Post’s in paper inserts are part of our readers’ weekly shopping routine. In addition to the big plastic pack delivered every weekend, referred to as Post Marketplace Sunday, preprints are also inserted in Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday editions.
in mail
Reaching over 1.9 million homes every week, The Post delivers inserts wrapped by our Post Marketplace Mailer by means of USPS direct mail. With popular Grocery store circulars, a robust group of leading home improvement service providers, and weekly recipe content, our in mail program is a healthy environment for insert advertisers.
Savings Now is a weekly collection of inserts, coupons, and shopping content delivered over the weekend by Washington Post carriers to non-subscribers in select areas. As an opt-in product, Savings Now provides a unique audience that is receptive and interested in engaging solely with inserts and advertising messages. 
Targeted Wraps & Preprints
Stickers are a premium ad unit placed on the front of the paper or specified section allowing for maximum impact and awareness. Stickers are available on many Washington Post Media newspaper products, including The Washington Post, and Express.
capitol hill wraps & inserts
Cover the halls of Congress with your advocacy message, delivered exclusively to daily subscribers in the Senate and House office buildings, including officeholders and staff.  Both priced comparably to Hill publications, Capitol Hill Wraps and Inserts are simple, affordable and effective.  America's leaders can't miss your message when it's wrapped around Capitol Hill's #1 choice for news. (Note: Pentagon and Embassy wraps and inserts are also available)
Targeted Publications
tv week
The opt-in weekly guide to what’s on television with episode grids, games, celebrity interviews and personality insights.  For over 40 years, TV Week has been a weekly fixture in Washington living rooms.
CUstom Content
For a message that may need a little more support than traditional advertising within our suite of products, the custom content team is here to help create, shape, and share your story with our readers in a way that is relevant and creative.
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