This account of Gen. Austin "Scott" Miller’s time in command in Afghanistan is based on interviews with 16 people, including U.S. and Afghan military officers, current and former senior civilian officials, and members of his staff in Kabul.

“I’m pretty sure our battle tank is actually an RV. This is not a way to maintain military discipline,” commentator Ken White wrote, recalling the plot from the 1980s screwball comedy “Stripes.”

Military officials are waiting to take action against accused Capitol rioters, but they could face other punishments, officials said.

Col. Ralph Puckett has long been a mentor and icon among Army Rangers.

The revelation underscores how the previous administration was willing to seek journalists’ data to investigate unwanted disclosures.

Despite long-standing opposition from military leaders, the proposals would strip commanders of decision-making related to prosecutions.

A lobbying effort from lawmakers, retired officers and families assailed the decision as punishment for qualified cadets that would create catastrophic financial problems.

The trailblazer's public stand comes amid disagreements over what gender integration should mean.

He lost an eye while carrying wounded soldiers to safety while under enemy fire.

Pentagon leaders are considering a proposal that would strip commanders of authority over assault prosecutions, a divisive step that is getting new support.

Legal experts say the Pentagon could face legal challenges if it expands rules that now permit ‘passive’ membership in extremist groups.

Officials and experts caution that it’s too soon to know whether the group has moderated the rigid beliefs that made it a global pariah before 9/11.

The president who ordered the raid into Pakistan and the retired admiral who commanded it met in Washington this week to reflect on the daring operation.

Republican and Democratic senators expressed concerns about U.S. pullout, but none said it would be better to stay.

The White House said it is nominating Shawn Skelly, a retired aviator, to serve as the assistant secretary of defense for readiness.

U.S. will not return to Afghanistan ‘under any conceivable circumstances,’ Centcom commander said.

Of the roughly 380 individuals federally charged in connection with the riot, at least 44 — mostly veterans — had military links, according to data compiled by The Washington Post.

‘Now it is time to bring our forces home,’ Secretary of State Antony Blinken said at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

As reports of sexual assaults continue to climb, support grows for removing prosecution decisions from the chain of command.

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