Move comes after a letter from the ship’s captain that was circulated in the media drew attention to dire situation.

The academy kept nearly 1,000 seniors on campus even as most of it emptied out in mid-March, a decision out of step with the Army and Navy.

Dozens of sailors have tested positive aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, illustrating the challenges of containing the virus at sea.

The service has suspended the arrival of additional recruits, officials announced Monday.

Dozens of immigrant physicians, from pulmonary specialists to epidemiologists, are stuck taking out trash and filing paperwork during a pandemic, an immigration attorney said.

Eight are confirmed positive aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which is pulling into Guam.

The USNS Mercy, with 15 patient wards and 80 intensive-care beds, is scheduled to arrive within the week.

President Trump has labeled himself a “wartime president” battling a new threat, but defense officials warn there are limits to what the military can do.

The early supporter of Trump’s bid to become the Republican presidential nominee had admitted misusing campaign funds.

Three coalition service members in Iraq, including two Americans, were killed on Wednesday night.

At least 11 service members were wounded.

Effort could help get delayed U.S.-backed peace talks started.

The Special Operations Marines killed grew up in a D.C. suburb and in California.

The forces can either complement the withdrawal of U.S. troops or carry out strikes if a peace deal with the Taliban crumbles, officials say.

Senior U.S. officials met with the Taliban on Thursday night ahead of an expected peace accord.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said his trip shows the need to maintain a troop presence in Saudi Arabia.

Rood, as undersecretary of defense for policy, had clashed with White House officials over a host of issues including Iran, North Korea and Ukraine.

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