Shaqaiq Birashk was contacted by a stranger offering to have her picked up and escorted to the airport for evacuation.

Last week’s deadly attack at the Kabul airport further narrowed the mission to focus on U.S. citizens.

Attack threat remains strong during final days of airlift, officials say. Some airport blast victims have been identified.

A multilingual polymath, he also founded a jazz record label known for its exquisite audio quality.

The USS Bonhomme Richard burned alongside a dock in San Diego for days last summer, and has been declared a complete loss.

Cubans in Miami are supporting protests back home — but don’t want others to make the dangerous journey.

The suspects received training while serving in the Colombian military, the Pentagon said.

More than 120 service members have died due to noncombat tactical vehicle mishaps over the past decade.

The four-star general also oversaw NATO peacekeeping efforts in Bosnia.

As Pentagon chief for six years, he oversaw the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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"This is a leadership issue. And we will lead," Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said.

Gen. Mark A. Milley is one of a handful of top officials to straddle a transition characterized by violence, conspiracy theories and two strikingly different commanders in chief.

Adm. Michael Gilday recommended Ibram X. Kendi's "How to Be an Antiracist." GOP members of Congress asked him to respond to portions of the book.

The policy may need to be revisited if the Taliban threatens key U.S. and allied diplomatic facilities in Kabul, one U.S. official said.

This account of Gen. Austin "Scott" Miller’s time in command in Afghanistan is based on interviews with 16 people, including U.S. and Afghan military officers, current and former senior civilian officials, and members of his staff in Kabul.

“I’m pretty sure our battle tank is actually an RV. This is not a way to maintain military discipline,” commentator Ken White wrote, recalling the plot from the 1980s screwball comedy “Stripes.”

Military officials are waiting to take action against accused Capitol rioters, but they could face other punishments, officials said.

Col. Ralph Puckett has long been a mentor and icon among Army Rangers.

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