Pentagon regulations implemented on April 12, 2019, prohibit anyone with gender dysphoria from enlisting but allow transgender service members who were serving before then to remain in uniform.

The sister of Mark Frerichs, who was abducted in January, worries he will be forgotten in the Trump administration’s waning days and with the military preoccupied with a drawdown.

In a legal win for veterans, the Army agreed to a settlement that would review discharge upgrade requests involving mental health-related trauma.

The decision will reduce the number of U.S. service members in Afghanistan by about half.

The White House is expected to announce a reduction of U.S. forces from around 5,000 to 2,500 in Afghanistan by the time President Trump leaves office in January.

Incoming defense leaders are expected to focus on China’s military rise and curtailing the nation’s long counterinsurgent conflicts.

The president’s desire to cement a swift withdrawal from Afghanistan could present a test to senior officers, including Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Trump’s firing of Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper further raises risk of a tumultuous transition, which experts say could endanger national security.

Roy Benavidez’s unbelievable battlefield story is at the center of efforts to strip Confederate names from 10 Army posts.

One administration official described it as a takeover of the Pentagon by Trump's National Security Council.

Cashe, who died after pulling several soldiers from a burning vehicle, would be the first African-American Medal of Honor recipient in the nation's modern wars.

President’s questions came after Biden pulled ahead of him in the presidential race in Pennsylvania.

In several battleground states, authorities can accept military mail-in ballots days after the election.

Even as service seeks to tackle challenges such as height requirements, others obstacles remain across military.

The association representing more than 14,000 FBI agents seemed to be pushing back on Trump, who has discussed firing Wray.

Cashe, who died after pulling fellow soldiers from a burning vehicle, would be the first African American awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The lewd tweets were posted by a civilian Army employee, an official said, a day after the Army said the tweets were the result of a hack.

The high-profile initiative to improve soldier fitness has created a stark gender gap and concerns it could compound diversity problems.

Guardsmen are prepping across the nation for election-related missions that include cybersecurity, ballot counting in at least one state and backup for police if unrest erupts.

Commanders have not prioritized searching for soldiers who are missing from the ranks. But that will soon change, the Army said.

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