"It was an act of treason at the time against the Union," Mark A. Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said of the Confederacy, as the Pentagon explores options for 10 Army installations named after rebel leaders.

The Army officer served as a national security aide at the White House until earlier this year and was up for promotion.

Head of U.S. Central Command also says he was “not convinced” by explosive intelligence on a Russian bounty program in Afghanistan.

The move, if approved, would mark another step in the military’s reckoning with racism and acceptance of Civil War tributes.

Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps veterans see their own experiences reflected in the story of 1st Platoon.

President Trump does not believe the reports are true or “actionable,” so he sees no reason to retaliate against Moscow.

House Democrats say Trump should have been briefed on potentially important information even if it wasn’t fully verified.

Since 2001, an estimated 8,000 military contractors have died on duty – 1,000 more than the toll among U.S. troops.

The issue has generated disagreement within the Trump administration about how to confront Moscow.

The effort comes amid strained relations between Trump and his defense secretary over the military’s involvement in the response to recent protests.

Issue is receiving new attention amid broader conversation about racism and discrimination.

The fallout from Captain Brett Crozier’s handling of the outbreak aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt led to a political scandal in Washington.

“The way things have always been done are wrong,” said one lawmaker. “The results are repugnant.”

“We need to treat this moment like we treated 9/11,” said one former official.

Momentum toward possible changes had been building at the Pentagon until the president weighed in on Twitter.

In its annual report on international religious freedom, the agency said people of faith in China are routinely subjected to arrests, torture and surveillance because of their religion.

Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) is seeking assurance that no intelligence agency resources were used to track demonstrators.

Concerns from a growing number of former government officials came after a week in which former military leaders criticized the protest response.

Defense officials confirm plan and say active-duty forces amassed outside the city have gone home.

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