Soldiers in an Army intelligence unit inspected the terms of an app their commander ordered them to download. What they found could be compromising, soldiers said.

Laura Cooper and Catherine Croft told lawmakers they are confident the Ukrainians knew U.S. aid had been frozen well before that information was disclosed publicly.

The Defense and State departments certified that Kyiv had taken “substantial actions” to tackle corruption, and the Europeans spend more on Ukraine than the United States does.

Testimony in the House impeachment inquiry shows aides struggling to please the president as they fret about his fits of rage and do their best to anticipate his ever-shifting impulses.

Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, indicated the terrorist group still poses a threat unless “pressure is maintained.”

He avoided intervening directly on some Ukraine issues ‘because he knew it was going to be a disaster,’ one former official said.

In a “supplemental declaration,” the ambassador to the E.U. revised his Oct. 3 testimony to say he had discussed the issue with a Ukrainian official.

House investigators released a transcript of the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch, opening a new phase of the impeachment inquiry.

‘We could never quite understand it. … He just hated Ukraine,’ a former senior White House official said.

Master Sgt. Matthew O. Williams braved enemy fire numerous times in a harrowing fight in Afghanistan.

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie did not directly corroborate Trump’s statement that the militant leader was “whimpering, crying,” but said he retreated into a hiding place before killing himself and two children. 

Christopher A. Wray described the trend of American neo-Nazis connecting online and sometimes in person with like-minded extremists abroad.

The United States is holding two men captured during the operation and poring over video and other information.

The movement of forces comes after days of President Trump said he wants to protect the oil fields from the Islamic State.

Pentagon saw an opportunity with the president: “This is like feeding a baby its medicine in yogurt or applesauce.”

An attorney for Gordon Sondland disputed the House testimony of acting Ukraine ambassador William B. Taylor Jr.

"Holding the Line," by retired Navy Cmdr. Guy Snodgrass, details a difficult tenure running the Pentagon for Jim Mattis.

Ambassador William Taylor told lawmakers that “irregular channels” and demands for political investigations in Kyiv were warping U.S. policy on Ukraine.

Kade Kurita had not been seen since Friday. An M4 rifle was also missing, and officials said they feared for the cadet's well-being.

Dangerous militants could enter the country and erode security, Iraq’s deputy prime minister says.

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