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The journalism you love is available in a native format on your favorite device. From a smartwatch to a 12.9-inch tablet, we're committed to offering our best-in-class journalism in a format that adapts to wherever our readers want it. 

The Next Generation of News

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The Washington Post has always brought you the stories that matter. Now, it’s delivering them in a whole new way.  Scroll through page after page of captivating photography and riveting journalism in either Pinch View or expanded single article view.

The Washington Post is available pre-installed on your Kindle Fire tablet as part of Fire OS, and includes a six-month free trial. It's also available free on the iOS App Store, the Amazon App Store, and the Google Play Store.

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Pulitzer Prize Winning News for DC and Beyond

Washington Post Classic

The Washington Post Classic apps bring the full library of breaking news, journalism, and analysis to your device in an easy to read and lightning fast experience.  Check local news and weather, keep up to date on the go on your smart watch, and have the Print Edition automatically downloaded for you every morning. 

Available free on the iOS App Store, the Amazon App Store and the Google Play Store.


High Definition Journalism

Washington Post Video

Washington Post Video is your place for the most-discussed, viral clips of the day, analysis and commentary from our award-winning reporters, and in-depth explainers that will get you ready for that dinner party chatter. Leaning back for some quality couch time? Check out our Features—documentary work that takes you to the places and people who matter. 

Washington Post Video is available for download on the Amazon Fire TV and the new Apple TV.

New for 2016: A Familiar Game, With a Twist

Floppy Candidate

Take on the obstacles of an election campaign as you tap, tap, tap your way to victory! Floppy Candidate has individual challenges and sounds for each candidate. Collect coins along the way--and by answering news quiz questions from The Washington Post--to continue your campaign when you're stuck trying to beat your high score.

Play as your favorite presidential candidate, and unlock special characters like Kanye West!

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