It’s been a great nine years for TMC political science analysis

We’ve published thousands of articles. Here are some of our editors’ favorites.

By Kim Yi Dionne, Henry Farrell and John SidesDecember 31, 2022

These were our 10 most popular posts of 2022

The Monkey Cage 2022 roundup: Top 10.

By E.J. GraffDecember 31, 2022

Leaders around the world made bold moves in 2022. They didn’t always succeed.

The TMC 2022 roundups: the international beat.

By Elizabeth N. SaundersDecember 30, 2022

When voting rights are at risk, what threatens and what protects them?

Here at TMC, political scientists examined the shifting landscape of U.S. voting rights, from “preclearance” to “naked ballots.”

By E.J. GraffDecember 30, 2022

Since 2018, Republicans have lost confidence in U.S. institutions

And Amazon is no longer one of America’s most beloved institutions, our research finds.

By Jonathan Ladd, Sean Kates and Joshua TuckerDecember 30, 2022

African politics in 2022: More than coups and conflict

The TMC 2022 roundups: African politics.

By Laura Seay and Kim Yi DionneDecember 30, 2022

What are Russians really thinking about the war?

The TMC 2022 roundups: Russia and Ukraine

By Bryn RosenfeldDecember 29, 2022

Goodbye to the 117th Congress, bookended by remarkable events

The session began with the Jan. 6 attack, and ended with the surprise appearance of Ukraine’s wartime president. Plenty happened along the way.

By Sarah BinderDecember 29, 2022

Making sense of the Supreme Court’s historic year

The TMC 2022 roundups: U.S. Supreme Court

By Amanda Hollis-BruskyDecember 28, 2022

What did we learn from the 2022 U.S. midterm elections?

The TMC 2022 roundups: U.S. elections

By Christopher StoutDecember 27, 2022

Just seeing a Fox News logo prompts racial bias, new research suggests

It’s an example of what social scientists call “priming.”

By Thomas Gift , Andrew M. Bell and Julie M. NormanDecember 24, 2022

What Indians think about China, and the border clashes

How will the Modi government respond? Public opinion may hamper the government’s moves to play down the tensions after the latest skirmish.

By Aidan Milliff and Paul StanilandDecember 23, 2022

America and Europe are targeting Russia’s oil profits

The oil price cap makes it harder for Russia to use oil money to buy weapons and pay soldiers.

By Henry FarrellDecember 22, 2022

A Turkish court sentenced Erdogan’s rival to prison. That could backfire.

If the conviction stands, Istanbul's popular mayor couldn't run for president in 2023. But prosecuting the opposition is risky.

By Andrew O’Donohue and Cem TecimerDecember 22, 2022

Ukraine’s military policy puts women in headlines, but not front lines

New research explores the hurdles for Ukrainian servicewomen, as well as for other women who wish to participate in the war effort.

By Jessica Trisko DardenDecember 21, 2022

Recent WTO rulings may complicate green industrial policies

Will the WTO framework discourage countries from decarbonization plans that prioritize their own workers, supply chains and producers?

By Todd N. TuckerDecember 20, 2022

Some female leaders handled covid and other crises very well

What made these leaders effective? We interviewed politicians, journalists, doctors and others in New Zealand and Iceland to find out.

By Katie Tyner and Farida Jalalzai December 20, 2022

How would we know if we were witnessing a revolution in Iran?

Revolutions are unpredictable. But the Islamic republic itself came to power through a similar scenario.

By Charles KurzmanDecember 19, 2022

It’s International Migrants Day. These are three must-read books.

What shapes the policies and approach of host country governments?

By Kim Yi Dionne and Laura SeayDecember 18, 2022

‘Scientist Wins the World Cup’ by Scientist: The Week in One Song

Argentina and France advance to the World Cup final.

By Christopher FedericoDecember 16, 2022