Three reasons Congress is still unlikely to pass new gun laws

Here's why even the deadliest school shooting in a decade probably won’t prompt much change.

By Sarah BinderMay 26, 2022

The Philippines elected a dictator’s son. Why are dynasties popular?

Ties to a former dictatorship are quite common in new democracies, this research explains.

By James LoxtonMay 26, 2022

How ‘great replacement’ theory led to the Buffalo mass shooting

The conspiracy theory's internal logic encourages the dangerous belief that a threatened White nation can be saved only through violence against its perceived enemies.

By Michael Feola May 25, 2022

Men can help persuade other men on women’s rights, our research finds

People do change their minds, even on issues like abortion, where attitudes have hardened.

By Tarah Williams and Paul TestaMay 25, 2022

Five things to know about Jacinda Ardern’s trip to the U.S. this week

New Zealand’s prime minister is eager for a trade deal — and wants to discuss online extremism.

By Nina HallMay 24, 2022

How the Ukraine crisis could make the Syrian civil war worse

Shifting Russian troops away from Syria risks opening up new threats.

By Tiina Hyyppä and Aaron PilkingtonMay 24, 2022

If you think Biden stole the election, you might believe in Bigfoot

Once conspiratorial thinking becomes part of someone's partisan identity, it can spread.

By Dan CassinoMay 23, 2022

The Ukraine crisis may reinvigorate Eastern European democracies

Countries are now focused on Russia vs. Europe rather than internal corruption.

By Maria Popova and  Nikolay MarinovMay 23, 2022

Aphex Twin, ‘Formula’: The Week In One Song

Baby formula, in short supply.

By Christopher FedericoMay 20, 2022

When do communities of color favor more policing?

New York Mayor Eric Adams argues that Black Lives Matter should support police, who protect New Yorkers from gun violence. Many Black, Latino and working-class New Yorkers voted for him.

By Marcus Board, Jr.May 19, 2022

Conspiracy theories are spreading wildly. Why now?

The Buffalo shooting shows how deadly such conspiracy theories can be.

By Margaret Appleby May 18, 2022

Evangelicals opposed abortion long before their leaders caught up

Before Roe v. Wade, Catholic leaders were more vocal about their opposition, but rank-and-file evangelicals mostly agreed with them.

By Neil O’Brian May 18, 2022

The Baltic states are also worried about Russia

A new survey shows what citizens think about NATO — and what they would do if attacked.

By Ralph Clem and Erik HerronMay 17, 2022

Supply chains endanger American security. Here’s what Biden is doing.

China controls many goods and materials that are critical for the U.S.

By Todd N. TuckerMay 17, 2022

Ukraine’s Eurovision victory was political. So is Eurovision itself.

Eurovision songs and voting are sometimes war by other means.

By Lauren GilbertMay 16, 2022

The Supreme Court has more clerks and less work than 50 years ago

Did one of those clerks leak the draft abortion opinion?

By Christopher Kromphardt May 16, 2022

Is Russia headed for a return to Stalinism?

Putin can’t reconstruct the regime that Stalin built — or save Russia from chaos.

By Sidney TarrowMay 16, 2022

Cyber hacktivists are busy undermining Putin’s invasion

Here’s what we know about one group.

By Max Smeets and Brita AchbergerMay 13, 2022