Supreme Court justices aren’t pretending to respect each other

The justices like to present themselves as collegial. The Dobbs opinions suggest that is cracking.

By Julie NovkovJune 27, 2022

In many states with antiabortion laws, majorities favor abortion rights

Will purple states eventually fall into step with the views of their voters?

By Jake Grumbach and Christopher WarshawJune 25, 2022

How Black women will be especially affected by the loss of Roe

With higher maternal mortality, more problem pregnancies, worse healthcare and less insurance, Black women especially need reproductive autonomy.

By Christine M. Slaughter and Chelsea N. JonesJune 25, 2022

Roe is gone. How will state abortion restrictions affect IVF and more?

Our research suggests that both Republicans and Democrats want to preserve infertility care, although some laws could have unintended consequences.

By Erin Heidt-Forsythe, Nicole Kalaf-Hughes and Heather Silber Mohamed June 25, 2022

Discharge, ‘They Declare It’: The Week In One Song

SCOTUS declares a further extension of gun rights.

By Christopher FedericoJune 24, 2022

Apartheid casts a long shadow across South Africa

Andrew Harding’s new book, “These Are Not Gentle People,” takes a deep look at community fear and mistrust.

By Laura SeayJune 24, 2022

Can activists stop AT&T from donating to antiabortion politicians?

Yes, but companies turn to more subtle ways of influencing policy, research shows.

By Jane L. Sumner June 22, 2022

Iraq’s populist leader quit parliament. What happens now?

Rallying anti-establishment protests strengthened Muqtada al-Sadr’s hand in the past. It might not work now.

By Renad Mansour and Benedict Robin-D’CruzJune 22, 2022

France’s elections weakened Macron and strengthened Le Pen

President Emmanuel Macron may now have limited options to get legislation through.

By Giovanni CapocciaJune 21, 2022

Paul Farmer’s last book teaches still more about pandemics

With a great deal of storytelling, Farmer emphasizes that it's a mistake when policymakers focus on controlling spread rather than delivering health care.

By Kim Yi DionneJune 21, 2022

Is Russia’s wartime propaganda more powerful than family bonds?

A new survey examines the conversations between Ukrainians and their Russian relatives.

By Tymofii Brik, Aaron Erlich and Jordan Gans-MorseJune 20, 2022

White racism brought down a Black community. Will there be reparations?

Part 2: Groundless panic about White women’s safety razed a town.

By Danielle Phillips-Cunningham , Alma Clark and Betty KimbleJune 18, 2022

Juneteenth started in Texas. So did this Black town. Whites destroyed it.

Part 1: How formerly enslaved people created a community of their own.

By Danielle Phillips-Cunningham, Alma Clark and Betty KimbleJune 18, 2022

Junia Walker All Stars, ‘Interest Rate Dub’: The Week In One Song

The Fed raises its key interest rate to take on inflation.

By Christopher FedericoJune 17, 2022

States are closing polling places. That hurts democracy.

When it’s harder to vote, Black and Brown voters, disabled voters, and low-income voters get shut out.

By Chelsea N. JonesJune 17, 2022

When Twitter suspends users, their views get more extreme

A new Texas law seeks to make it harder to “deplatform” users.

By Tamar Mitts and Jack SnyderJune 16, 2022

Democrats are voting in GOP primaries. Did they sink Madison Cawthorn?

More Americans are trying "strategic crossover voting" in this year's primaries. It works, our research finds.

By Christopher Cooper and Michael Bitzer June 16, 2022

Boris Johnson ripped up part of his Brexit deal with Europe

The "Northern Ireland Protocol" was supposed to solve Brexit's border issue.

By Henry FarrellJune 15, 2022

Putin’s iron grip on Russia is a legacy of empire

The social divisions of Russia's imperial age still hamper opposition today

By Tomila LankinaJune 15, 2022

How do you persuade Trump supporters to oppose the ‘big lie’?

Reminding them of their patriotism helped bolster their support for U.S. democracy, including rejecting the idea that the election was stolen.

By Gregory A. Petrow , John Transue and Manuel Gutierrez June 14, 2022