The Clash, ‘The Call Up’: The Week In One Song

Mobilization and resistance in Russia.

By Christopher FedericoSeptember 30, 2022

Iran’s security forces have little incentive to ease up on protesters

Whether Iran's security forces grappling with a wave of protests remain loyal to the regime might depend on their business networks, research suggests.

By Roya IzadiSeptember 30, 2022

Why have so many Americans come to mistrust the Supreme Court?

It’s not only because the justices are making unpopular decisions. Here's what to know as the new term opens.

By Paul M. Collins Jr. and Artemus WardSeptember 30, 2022

Win or lose, progressive challengers have influenced the Democrats’ agenda

When ‘primaried’ by progressives, Democratic incumbents shift further left, my research finds.

By Amelia MalpasSeptember 30, 2022

Will misinformation keep Latinos from voting in the midterms?

That depends in part on where they get their news. Here’s what my research found.

By Yamil Ricardo Velez September 30, 2022

Italy’s new leader faces familiar problems, including fickle voters

Giorgia Meloni’s popularity may not hold — and she doesn’t have much freedom to change policy.

By Mark GilbertSeptember 28, 2022

Puerto Rico’s electricity problems go beyond Maria and Fiona

Puerto Ricans face higher electricity bills — but see few improvements that make the power grid more resilient to storms.

By Fernando Tormos-Aponte, Mary Angelica Painter and Sameer H. ShahSeptember 28, 2022

Report exposes U.N. camp abuses, but research shows justice is elusive

An investigative report has exposed abuses in a U.N. camp in South Sudan, but research highlights the challenges facing abuse victims seeking justice.

By Audrey L. Comstock September 28, 2022

We know free school lunches help. What else would end hunger?

The White House is looking for solutions with this week’s Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health.

By Clare BrockSeptember 27, 2022

Is Putin vulnerable? One autocracy in Russia may lead to another.

Here’s what we know about how autocratic regimes die.

By Kathryn StonerSeptember 27, 2022

Redistricting commissions draw fairer districts than politicians do

The nonpartisan commissions create fairer, more competitive districts than politicians. But will the Supreme Court rule that this is a job for legislatures?

By Christopher Warshaw , Eric McGhee and Michal MigurskiSeptember 27, 2022

Pakistan has a narrow window to boost climate resilience

This year’s floods are only part of Pakistan’s larger environmental crisis. Good governance at the local level might be one path forward.

By Erum A. HaiderSeptember 27, 2022

China and India weren’t critical of Putin’s war. Did that change?

Neither country was inclined to defend a global order that denies their status aspirations, but disruptions caused by Putin's war may be forcing a rethink.

By Rohan MukherjeeSeptember 26, 2022

Hawkwind, ‘Psi Power’: The Week in One Song

The rise of psychic declassification.

By Christopher FedericoSeptember 23, 2022

Justice Dept. needed luck to win Mar-a-Lago case. It shouldn’t be that way.

A panel of three judges heard the case. If three different judges had been randomly selected, it could have gone the other way.

By Joshua C. Fjelstul September 23, 2022

Are Iran’s hijab protests different from past protest waves?

Broader and broader swaths of society are showing that they’re outraged, with grievances that won’t soon go away.

By Mohammad Ali KadivarSeptember 23, 2022

Sweden’s next prime minister will juggle an awkward coalition

Passing budgets and laws won’t be easy, given the policy disagreements among the four parties.

By Jacob ChristensenSeptember 23, 2022

How to make voter registration both accurate and easy

Our research on 156 countries finds that automatic registration tends to be more accurate.

By Holly Ann Garnett and Toby S. JamesSeptember 23, 2022

How to decode Putin’s nuclear warnings

What is the risk of Russian nuclear use in Ukraine? Here’s what you need to know.

By James CameronSeptember 22, 2022

How Putin’s partial mobilization could backfire

Largely ill-trained, unwilling reservists may hamper Russia’s endeavor to reassert control in its Ukraine campaign

By Jason LyallSeptember 22, 2022