On Tuesday, police and protesters clashed for the second consecutive night, but officers took a more aggressive tack.

For hours, Trump supporters — including many elderly people — stood in the cold as police scrambled to help those most at risk.

In 2020, it seems, a divided country can still rely on the Kardashian clan to unite us in collective rage.

The Interior secretary sharing the video touting Trump’s conservation record is the latest instance of an administration that has regularly pushed up against regulations designed to prevent the use of government resources to aid a candidate’s reelection.

Jessica and Jayla Hill were charged with first-degree attempted murder and are being held without bail.

Wallace's family questioned why police couldn't use less lethal force when confronting a man they said was having a mental health crisis.

Kaela Bynoe, 23, got off the plane in Florida, went straight to the polls, and then turned around to catch a flight to return to medical school in Baltimore.

Arkansas state Sen. Cecile Bledsoe (R), 76, is the latest to contract the virus.

The man, identified by police as 26-year-old James Blight, was charged with grand theft auto and trespassing.

Local authorities decried the incident as an attack on democracy itself.

Police said 11 people were taken into custody following a verbal fight that turned physical in Times Square.

“Trump 2020,” the cop said from the car, according to video of the incident. “Put it on YouTube, put it on Facebook. Trump 2020.”

According to federal officials, Alexander Hillel Treisman ended up at a Wendy’s within four miles of Biden’s home in Delaware and penned a checklist that ended with one word: “execute.”

The "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" host said the highlight of the night was that he would “never have to watch Donald Trump debate ever again.”

“I just remember being petrified to the point of tears,” Victoria Brown, who is Black and witnessed the incident, told the Arkansas Times this week.

The apparent attempt to persuade the trailer park’s residents to vote for Trump is hardly the only spat between landlords and renters over the election.

“It is something that we have never in my career run across in this part of the country,” Le Flore County Sheriff Rodney Derryberry told reporters.

A chorus of Democrats responded to the last-minute news conference by suggesting that Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe's characterizations were an attempt to “carry water” for Trump by emphasizing Iran’s alleged role in the spoofed-email attack while playing down suspicions of Russian election interference.

Federal drug enforcement agents set up a sting to arrest the Long Island lawmaker, a doctor who had been vocal about the prescription opioid epidemic.

Ainsworth, who also pushed back on mandatory business closures, is the latest Republican skeptic of government-mandated pandemic rules to test positive for the virus.

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