Emma Sweet, 2, was found dead after police say her father drove off an embankment into an Indiana river shortly before Thanksgiving.

Six Ikea customers and about two dozen employees spent Wednesday night at the Ikea in northern Denmark after a snowstorm left them stranded at the store.

Investigators say they don’t know how long the teen had been making guns and how many of the weapons are in circulation.

Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, spoke briefly on Wednesday with two Fox News Digital reporters.

Shaun Carey, the superintendent of Enumclaw School District in Washington state, was interrupted during a school board meeting by two people who played a recording of a racial slur.

Acting U.S. Attorney John Farley said in a statement that while political expression is protected speech, threats of violence are serious federal crimes.

A Tucson police officer shot a man in a wheelchair nine times after the man allegedly stole a toolbox from Walmart.

Eight days after Anthony Broadwater was exonerated, the author apologized for falsely identifying him.

The 14- and 15-year-old boys scored an impromptu meeting with some of the most famous players on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the reigning Super Bowl champions.

After multiple amputations, April Jones lost most of her right leg. She has been in a wheelchair for six years and, according to her lawyers, “her daily life was significantly interrupted.”

Nathan Valencia's mother urged him to back out of the fraternity-run "fight night" but he insisted on participating because it was for charity.

Two former residents claim the Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church and Liberty Ridge Farm violated federal laws against human trafficking, racketeering and forced labor.

A Texas man was sentenced to nine years in prison for fraudulently obtaining PPP loans and using the money on a Lamborghini and a Rolex watch.

Matthew McConaughey announced he will not run for Texas governor, even as some voters polled reported favorable views of the actor.

“I genuinely wasn’t planning to cycle in labour, but it did end up happening,” Julie Anne Genter, an avid cyclist and member of New Zealand’s Green Party, wrote on social media.

Over the years, the guilt of the Groveland Four has been called into question.

“I know this isn’t what we expected but WE ARE expecting!!!” Cavanna Smith, a 25-year-old Texas teacher, wrote in the card addressed to Kwanmaine Boyd, according to court records.

The spectacle Saturday night was one of several incidents of looting and shoplifting reported at high-end retail stores around the Bay Area over the weekend.

Bob Innes's bogus website has led to the conviction of multiple people who tried to hire professional killers online.

Apollo Carreon Quiboloy, who referred to himself as “the Appointed Son of God,” forced the women and girls to regularly engage in sexual acts with him in what he called the “night duty,” federal prosecutors said.

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