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Former ‘Cryptoqueen’ is now one of 10 most-wanted fugitives

Ruja Ignatova vanished in 2017, three years after allegedly masterminding a global pyramid scheme that defrauded investors out of more than $4 billion.

By María Luisa PaúlJuly 1, 2022

She’s 2½. She took an IQ test and became Mensa’s youngest member.

Isla McNabb's parents suspected their daughter was highly intelligent when, at less than 2½, she learned hundreds of words by sounding them out phonetically.

By Jonathan EdwardsJuly 1, 2022

How a song by the Chainsmokers became TikTok’s abortion rights anthem

The lyric "If we go down, we go down together" from the Chainsmokers' song "Paris" has become a rallying cry for efforts to support women seeking abortions.

By María Luisa PaúlJune 30, 2022

A woman sought help from her sheriff. He’s now charged with raping her.

Addison County Sheriff Peter Newton faces life in prison if convicted of either of the sexual assault charges.

By Jonathan EdwardsJune 30, 2022

Liz Cheney says Republicans face a choice: Trump or the Constitution

As the Jan. 6 committee continues to present its findings, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) said Republicans face a choice between Trump and the Constitution.

By Julian MarkJune 30, 2022

Black man paralyzed after abrupt stop in police van, attorneys say

A 36-year-old man was paralyzed from the "chest down" after being transported in a New Haven, Conn., police van, according to his attorneys.

By Julian MarkJune 29, 2022

A Boy Scout escaped Amtrak wreckage and comforted a dying truck driver

Four people were killed and more than 100 injured after an Amtrak train crashed into a dump truck and derailed in rural Missouri, officials said.

By Jonathan EdwardsJune 29, 2022

Ex-GOP congressman Jeff Fortenberry gets probation for lying to FBI

In March, the congressman was found guilty of lying to federal investigators about illegal campaign contributions from a foreign billionaire.

By María Luisa PaúlJune 29, 2022

R. Kelly fan accused of planning to ‘storm’ prosecutors’ offices

On Monday, federal authorities charged Christopher Gunn with making threats against prosecutors in R. Kelly's New York trial.

By Andrea SalcedoJune 28, 2022

LAPD officer suffers injuries in training, leading to death, family says

Houston Tipping told his family — by blinking — that he wanted to die rather than live as a quadriplegic, his mother's lawyer said.

By Jonathan EdwardsJune 28, 2022

Venezuela tapped 1.5 million phone lines. It’s just the start, experts warn.

The newly released document provides a glimpse into the extent to which Venezuela’s government and intelligence forces have encroached on citizens’ lives.

By María Luisa PaúlJune 28, 2022

Grocery worker’s charges reduced after video of encounter with Giuliani

The former New York mayor lambasted Staten Island prosecutors for downgrading charges after security footage appeared to show the worker lightly touching his back.

By Julian MarkJune 27, 2022

A Minnesota publisher just gave away his newspaper to fight in Ukraine

Lee Zion, a 54-year-old U.S. Navy veteran, said he's willing to pick up a gun and fight Russian forces if needed.

By Jonathan EdwardsJune 27, 2022

6,000 bees moved into a century-old home. Savvy beekeepers evicted them.

Six thousand bees invaded a home in Omaha. Beekeepers knew just how to get them out.

By Julian MarkJune 24, 2022

J.K. Rowling thought she was talking to Zelensky. It was Russian pranksters.

The Russian duo Vovan and Lexus are known for fooling powerful lawmakers and celebrities.

By Jaclyn PeiserJune 24, 2022

They went hiking to get closer to God. Instead, they had to be rescued.

The women planned to worship together and test their physical and spiritual limits — all while capturing the experience for the show.

By Jonathan EdwardsJune 24, 2022

She ordered a burger on Grubhub — and included a desperate plea for help

“Please call the police ... please don’t make it obvious,” read the message under Grubhub’s “additional instructions” section.

By Andrea SalcedoJune 24, 2022

Alexa has a new voice — your dead relative’s

Alexa will be able to mimic any person's voice based on short audio clips. But experts say the technology could bring security and ethical problems.

By María Luisa PaúlJune 23, 2022

She had ‘soulmate’ kill her husband. A judge gave her life in prison.

Jennifer Faith was sentenced to life in prison for persuading her high school sweetheart to kill her husband.

By Julian MarkJune 23, 2022

He stole a patrol vehicle, officials say — then responded to an emergency

Jeremiah James Taylor responded to a domestic violence call that came over the patrol vehicle's radio system, officials said.

By Jaclyn PeiserJune 23, 2022