Actress and comedian Amy Schumer has never been one to keep her political opinions under wraps. Early Wednesday morning, however, she took things to a new level by sharing graphic footage of herself vomiting after Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) emerged as the victor in Mississippi’s heated runoff election.

“My feelings on her are best expressed by the above video,” Schumer wrote on Instagram, advising weak-stomached viewers to turn the volume down. “And I don’t usually agree with speaking ill of crackheads, but she has a crackhead-looking mouth,” she wrote while also criticizing her “tiny racist teeth” and noting that she “said she would attend a public hanging.”

Hyde-Smith, who is the first woman elected to represent Mississippi in Congress, said of a supporter at a November rally: “If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.”

To many Mississippians, Hyde-Smith’s remark evoked the state’s brutal history of lynching, and high-profile donors, such as Walmart, Google and Major League Baseball, asked for their money back. After initially defending her comments as an “exaggerated expression of regard,” Hyde-Smith apologized weeks later to “anyone who that was offended.” As The Washington Post’s Matt Viser reported, Hyde-Smith previously embraced Mississippi’s Confederate history, proposing to name a stretch of highway after Jefferson Davis and posing for photos at his homestead while wearing a Confederate hat.

Schumer’s inflammatory pronouncement about Hyde-Smith, though, was largely overshadowed by the real reason she was throwing up: The star of “I Feel Pretty” is pregnant and has been dealing with severe second-trimester nausea that caused her to be hospitalized earlier this month. The video, she explained, had been filmed on Tuesday evening while she was on the way to her stand-up show in Tarrytown, N.Y., which went on despite her sickness.

Thanking the crowd for “being cool with my sweatpants and slippers on stage,” Schumer wrote on Instagram that she would have to postpone upcoming tour dates “until I feel human again.” She added: “I’m so grateful and excited to be a mom. I’m grateful I have access to health care, as we all should have.”

The unfiltered post had nearly 4,000 comments as of early Thursday morning, the large majority of them from fans praising Schumer’s dedication and thanking her for being candid about the challenges of pregnancy. The right-wing blog NewsBusters, on the other hand, derided Schumer’s vomit video as “an act only unhinged liberals would applaud as stunning and brave” and criticized her “hateful” and “mean-spirited” comments about Hyde-Smith.

Schumer revealed that she was pregnant in October, weeks after she was arrested for protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. Her pregnancy announcement was both unconventional and hyper-political: On Instagram, she listed the candidates that she was endorsing in the midterm elections, naming more than two dozen Democratic candidates nationwide. As a reward for anyone who made it to the end, she added that she’s pregnant.

Since then, the comic has stayed busy, even as her severe nausea has forced her to cancel some of her planned appearances. Shortly before she filmed herself vomiting in the car, Schumer shared another update: She now has her own fashion collection.

On Tuesday, Saks Off 5th announced that Schumer, along with celebrity stylist and costumer designer Leesa Evans, was launching an “inclusive” new clothing line named Le Cloud for the discount retailer. In a statement, Schumer explained that the collection was intended to be “accessible to real women” and that her goal was “to be authentic and to empower women of all ages and sizes to do the same.”

But critics pointed out that the collection won’t actually fit women of all sizes — it only goes up to size XXL, which is typically equivalent to size 20. For comparison, retailers including ASOS, Premme and Torrid go up to size 30 or the equivalent, while Lane Bryant goes up to size 32. “Can’t believe this is how I learned that my size 22/24 body doesn’t actually exist,” Jezebel’s Kelly Faircloth wrote of Schumer’s collection. “Finally, I can burn my Lane Bryant charge card, because a being of pure shimmering energy needs no jeans.”

Schumer addressed the controversy, again, on Instagram, explaining that she and Evans “plan to go up to a size 40 as soon as we can. And it will be soon.”