Three men were killed and four others injured in a shooting Friday night at a bowling alley in Southern California, according to local police.

The Torrance, Calif., police department tweeted early Saturday morning that it was responding to reports of shots fired “with multiple victims down” and advised people to stay away from the area.

The shooting took place at the Gable House Bowl, a bowling and gaming venue that stays open until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, according to its website. Police have not specified what led to the shooting, which was reported just before midnight Friday, but witnesses told the AP that it was preceded by a fight between two large groups.

Police said that three men died at the scene and four male victims were injured in the shooting. Two of the injured men sought their own medical attention while the others were taken to local hospitals. The extent of their injuries was not known Saturday morning. Police say no Gable House Bowl employees were injured.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene inside.

“We just ran right into the bar and took cover. All we heard was just, like two people got shot,” Jesus Perez, who was inside Gable House Bowl during the shooting, told the Los Angeles Times.

“We heard there was a big fight before that,” added Perez, of San Pedro, Calif. “We just ran into the bar and we just took cover because after the fight we heard ‘pop! pop!’”

Wes Hamad, a 29-year-old Torrance resident, told the AP that the fight leading up to the gunfire lasted about five minutes and blocked the entrance into the establishment.

“I grabbed my niece and started running toward the far end of the bowling alley,” Hamad told the AP. “As we were running, we heard 15 shots.”

While leaving, Hamad said he saw a woman crying over a man who had been shot several times in his head and neck.

Gable House Bowl employees told the Times that violence is uncommon at the establishment, which is considered to be family friendly. Police were trying to identify the gunman or gunmen early Saturday morning.

A woman was shot and killed inside of a vehicle outside of the bowling alley in 2015, according to the Times.

Torrance is located about 18 miles south of downtown Los Angeles.

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