American rock band Imagine Dragons was about midway through their performance at the College Football Playoff national championship halftime show on Monday night when frontman Dan Reynolds abruptly stopped singing.

Standing on a stage awash in blue-green lights on San Francisco’s Treasure Island, Reynolds had just finished belting the chorus of “Bad Liar” when the music suddenly changed. Pounding guitar chords and an aggressive drum beat filled the air. The lights turned blood red.

Moments later, a figure shrouded in an oversized, fluffy patterned coat scurried onto the stage, exchanging a quick fist bump with Reynolds. A large black hat, glittery sunglasses, shiny red pants, knee-high boots, fingerless gloves and a long striped scarf completed the interloper’s bizarre look.

“Who is that????” one Twitter user asked. Other people wondered why an unidentified woman was interrupting the show – and why did she resemble a cross between E.T., the Hamburglar and the pigeon lady from “Home Alone 2?”

But when the outlandishly dressed person began to perform, the mystery woman’s identity was revealed. She was actually a he, and he was Grammy Award-winning rapper Lil Wayne.

The 36-year-old’s eccentric get-up instantly sparked reactions online. Some desperately sought answers to questions: What exactly was he wearing? Who let him onstage like that? But a majority of people jumped at the opportunity to mercilessly make fun of the rapper and his questionable fashion statement. By early Tuesday morning, hours after the show was over and Clemson had routed Alabama, 44-16, Lil Wayne was still trending on Twitter.

The rapper appeared as a special guest during Monday night’s halftime show, which took place almost 50 miles north of Levi’s Stadium, the site of the title game. The show was played on the big screen inside the stadium.

Taking the stage, Lil Wayne opened with his hit song “Uproar,” before shedding his unwieldy outerwear and joining Imagine Dragons for a remixed version of their song “Believer.” But for the duration of the performance, the only thing many social media users could focus on was Lil Wayne’s odd choice of attire.

For some, the rapper’s outfit reminded them of family.

Several people offered theories on the decision-making process behind the mismatched ensemble.

Many, however, were quick to blame Lil Wayne’s stylist for the wardrobe snafu.