The prisoner transfer van stopped at a McDonald’s north of Houston for a quick breakfast Sunday morning. Cedric Joseph Marks saw an opening.

The mixed martial arts fighter sprang from the van in Conroe, Tex., authorities said, triggering a multiple-agency manhunt to find a man suspected of two murders.

About nine hours later, police discovered that Marks did not get very far.

Law enforcement obtained surveillance video of Marks, 44, wandering a nearby residential street soon after he escaped, and officers canvassed the area.

A K-9 alerted to suspicious activity, and Marks emerged from a 55-gallon trash can at the back of a home with his arms held high in surrender, according to Conroe Police Chief Jeff Christy.

“He was pretty tired” from squatting inside, Christy said in a news conference Sunday evening after the capture. The home was about a quarter-mile from the McDonald’s.

Missing for about nine hours, Cedric Joseph Marks was captured by police a quarter-mile from where he disappeared. (Conroe Police Department)

Marks was held by leg, hand and belly restraints in the van at the time of his escape, Christy said, and it is unclear how he freed himself.

The van held 10 prisoners and two guards, and there was a guard in the van when Marks escaped, Christy noted. Those circumstances are under investigation. The van was operated by Texas Prisoner Transportation Services, which did not return a request for comment.

Marks fled the transport scheduled to arrive in Bell County, Tex., where he was charged with an August break-in at the Temple home of Jenna Scott, his ex-girlfriend. He was captured by U.S. Marshals in Michigan last month and extradited to Texas to face those charges, authorities said.

Scott and her friend Michael Swearingin were found dead in a shallow grave in Oklahoma on Jan. 15. Authorities issued murder warrants after Marks escaped, the Associated Press reported.

Marks was considered “extremely dangerous” because of the suspected murders and his experience in mixed martial arts, Christy said.

Police had previously said that Marks had three pending murder charges but revised the count after his capture.

Scott had filed a protective order against Marks in July, KCEN reported, after claims of physical abuse. She accused him of bragging about an ability to get away with murder.

“I believe he is a pathological liar. I believe he is a psychopath,” Scott said in a document filed to the Bell County court, KCEN reported.

That protective order was denied, the AP reported.

Marks also is a person of interest in the 2009 disappearance of April Pease, a Washington state woman who had a child with Marks. They were engaged in a custody battle when she vanished, the station reported.

Marks fights under the moniker “Spider-Man” but hasn’t stepped into the ring since last March, according to the MMA site Sherdog.

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