If you test what you know, you’ll better remember what you’ve read this week. (Peter Hershey/The Washington Post)

Welcome back to our daily news quiz! Test your knowledge each day, Tuesday through Saturday, on the biggest and most interesting stories of the day before. You can find yesterday’s quiz here.

President Trump is demanding a border wall by Election Day next year, waving off concerns about contracting procedures and use of eminent domain, saying “take the land.”

Meanwhile, a new poll has bad news for Trump’s biggest asset in the 2020 race.

Queen Elizabeth II gave the green light to shut down Parliament for several weeks, just before Brexit deadline.

And a Maryland power struggle over a dog park involves powerful people and a good boy named Chubbs.

The daily news quiz covers the top news stories of the past 24 hours. It’s already wild week. Let’s see how well you’re caught up.