Last fall, Alexander Goldinsky filed an insurance claim over an ambulance ride and hospital care, saying he’d injured his head after slipping on ice in his workplace cafeteria.

Surveillance footage would tell a different story — and leave people marveling at the transparency of the 58-year-old’s attempted scam. Video captures his scheme from start to finish as he tosses a cup of ice on the floor and seems to hesitate in front of the hazard before lowering himself onto his back in a decidedly halting fall to the ground.

This week, the resident of Randolph, N.J., avoided jail time for the episode as he was sentenced to two years of probation and 14 hours of community service. He was also ordered to pay $563.48 back to an insurance firm, according to the Middlesex County prosecutor’s office.

He pleaded guilty in August to third-degree insurance fraud after faking his fall at a company in Woodbridge Township, where he’d been subcontracted to do work under the name All Gold Industries. Goldinsky, who initially faced an additional charge of theft by deception, was targeted amid the New Jersey attorney general’s crackdown on insurance fraud, the prosecutor’s office said.

The Washington Post was unable to reach Goldinsky or his attorney Thursday evening.

Asked about the video after his arrest in January, Goldinsky told CBS New York, “I didn’t do it; it was a mistake.” When CBS inquired further, he said he didn’t want to talk without his lawyer.

The surveillance footage was damning, though, prosecutors said. An investigation showed that Goldinsky “purposely threw ice on the floor … placed himself on the ground and waited until he was discovered,” the prosecutor’s office stated.

The video also earned Goldinsky plenty of derision.

“… and the Oscar for “Best Insurance Scam Attempt” goes to......*drum roll*......Alexander Goldinsky!!” one Twitter user declared.

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