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Protests wind down on East Coast, but clashes persist in West; hundreds mourn Floyd near N.C. birthplace

Demonstrators gathered in cities across the country on June 6, to protest the killing of George Floyd at the hands of police. (Video: The Washington Post)

Protests wound down on the East Coast early Sunday after a nationwide outpouring of anger Saturday sparked by the killing of George Floyd in police custody. But clashes continued in Portland, Ore., and in Seattle, where police used stun grenades in an attempt to disperse a crowd outside a precinct and reported several injuries to officers in a melee with rock- and bottle-throwing protesters.

Amid heightened attention to complaints of police brutality as a result of the protests, which researchers call the broadest in U.S. history, two police officers in Buffalo were charged after a widely circulated video appeared to show them shoving a 75-year-old protester, who fell and bled from the head as officers walked past him.