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State and city leaders in U.S. respond to coronavirus surge with new rules, dire warnings

President Trump held his first campaign rally since March on June 20 in Tulsa, covering a wide range of topics from covid-19 to civil unrest and more. (Video: The Washington Post, Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post/The Washington Post)
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State and city leaders in the U.S. are responding to a surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations by implementing new rules, scaling back on reopening plans and issuing dire warnings about the future of public health and the economy.

In lieu of a Florida statewide mask rule, several city mayors in Miami-Dade County are implementing their own mask requirements. Texas authorities temporarily suspended the alcohol permits of 12 bars for violating protocols designed to stem the crisis, as Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said cases and hospitalizations there are increasing at an “unacceptable” rate. And in Utah, the state epidemiologist is warning that the state could be facing a “complete shutdown” if cases continue to rise.

Twenty-nine states and U.S. territories showed an increase in their seven-day average of new reported cases on Monday, with nine states reporting record average highs. In the states where cases are spiking the most, hospitalizations are also rising sharply. More than 2,290,000 cases and 118,000 deaths have been officially reported in the United States.

Here are some significant developments:

  • Income is a potent force along with race in determining who among the nation’s vulnerable, older population has been infected with the novel coronavirus, according to a federal analysis.
  • As cases increase in Boise, Idaho health officials Monday scaled back some reopening plans in Ada County, the state’s most populous jurisdiction.
  • The bitter, months-long negotiation between Major League Baseball and its players’ union effectively ended Monday night, with the MLB saying it intended to exercise its power to implement a 2020 schedule. Meanwhile, the NBA is preparing for its return at Disney as Florida’s coronavirus cases exceed 100,000.
  • Coronavirus cases at San Quentin State Prison in California are skyrocketing, with the prison reporting 317 active cases as of Monday evening, more than double the number of reported cases two days ago.
  • Citing the pandemic, President Trump issued an executive order Monday barring many categories of foreign workers and curbing immigration visas through the end of the year.
  • Politicization of the pandemic has worsened the global outbreak, the secretary general of the World Health Organization said Monday, a day after the U.N. body announced the highest daily rise since the pandemic began.

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