The United States has reported more than 6 million known coronavirus cases, the latest milestone in a summer of shattered records for new infections. The country’s known cases have more than tripled since June 1 as the pandemic accelerated beyond the East Coast, and over the past week infections have trended upward in parts of the Midwest, including Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota and the Dakotas. There are at least 180,000 coronavirus-related deaths in the United States.

Here are some significant developments:

  • Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn told the Financial Times that the agency would be open to granting emergency approval for a vaccine before final large-scale trials are complete.
  • At the very moment the United States needed its public health infrastructure the most, many local health departments had all but crumbled.
  • Wall Street bagged its best August in more than 30 years on Monday, a month that saw the three major U.S. indexes notch new highs as investors looked past the pandemic and kept focus on positive economic markers.
  • Iowa averaged about 500 cases a day until last week, when daily totals rose to more than 1,000 cases for several days straight. Outbreaks at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University are probably major contributing factors, epidemiologists say.
  • One of President Trump’s top medical advisers — Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist from Stanford’s conservative Hoover Institution — is urging the White House to embrace a controversial “herd immunity” strategy to combat the pandemic.
  • India surpassed Mexico to become the third-hardest-hit country in the world by total number of coronavirus deaths, behind only the United States and Brazil.