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President Trump said Thursday night that he and first lady Melania Trump would begin “the quarantine process” after one of his closest advisers, Hope Hicks, who traveled with him several times this week aboard Air Force One, tested positive for the coronavirus.

Trump told Fox News’s Sean Hannity during a live interview Thursday night that he and the first lady were tested after they learned about Hicks and were awaiting the results.

Here are some significant developments:

  • House Democrats passed a $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill Thursday over intense GOP opposition, even as bipartisan talks between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin continued.
  • Amazon said nearly 20,000 of its U.S. employees had tested positive, or had been presumed positive, for the coronavirus since the pandemic started spreading through the United States this year.
  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said each of the state’s counties could only provide one mail-in ballot drop-off location for the November election, drawing criticism that the order amounted to voter suppression.
  • Coronavirus hospitalizations have reached their highest levels since at least May in nine states in the past week, according to a Washington Post analysis, with at least four states setting records Thursday, and another three reaching highs Wednesday.
  • Moderna’s chief executive, Stéphane Bancel, told the Financial Times that the company’s experimental covid-19 vaccine is not expected to be available for widespread use until the spring.
  • Food banks are removing a signed letter Trump wanted to include in every food-aid box.
  • The Smithsonian Institution laid off 237 employees from its shops, theaters and concessions this week, part of ongoing cost-cutting measures meant to limit the financial losses related to covid-19.