After the electoral college cemented his victory on Monday, President-elect Joe Biden urged the nation and the GOP to “turn the page” on weeks of false claims by President Trump and his allies that massive fraud had flipped the election.

Trump, though, soon made it clear that he has no intention of moving on.

In a cascade of tweets sent after midnight, the president shared more dubious claims of electoral fraud and falsely insisted, yet again, that he was the true victor.

“Many Trump votes were routed to Biden,” Trump baselessly claimed in one tweet early Tuesday. “This Fake Election can no longer stand. Get moving Republicans.”

The early-morning posts erased any doubts about Trump’s willingness to continue undermining the election results, even as Monday’s electoral college vote led more Republican senators to acknowledge Biden’s win and left some of Trump’s closest media allies urging him to accept his defeat.

Trump has spent six weeks pushing conspiracy theories and evidence-free claims about massive voter fraud. His legal team’s efforts to push similar claims in court have been tossed time and again, including in a succinct rejection on Friday from the U.S. Supreme Court, which refused to hear a suit from the attorney general of Texas that was backed by scores of elected Republicans.

Biden took particular aim at that effort on Monday night after he netted 306 electoral college votes, lambasting the GOP for signing onto a lawsuit that sought to disenfranchise millions of voters.

“Thankfully, a unanimous Supreme Court immediately and completely rejected this effort,” Biden said. “The court sent a clear signal to President Trump that they would be no part of an unprecedented assault on our democracy.”

On Trump’s Twitter account, at least, an assault on the election results continued apace early on Tuesday.

Trump retweeted multiple posts highlighting a Michigan judge’s decision on Monday to release a report written by Russell Ramsland, a cybersecurity analyst and former Republican congressional candidate, that alleges Dominion Voting Systems machines “flipped” ballots from Trump to Biden in Antrim County, Mich.

“This is BIG NEWS. Dominion Voting Machines are a disaster all over the Country. Changed the results of a landslide election,” Trump tweeted with a link to the report.

But Ramsland has previously signed inaccurate affidavits in other Trump legal challenges, including one that grossly misstated voting turnout in Michigan and another that mixed up Michigan and Minnesota voting precincts. Michigan Assistant Attorney General Erik Grill told the Detroit Free-Press that the report is “inaccurate, incomplete and misleading.”

As The Washington Post’s Philip Bump reported on Monday, the report is based on results in a small county that Trump won by 3,800 votes — in a state that Biden carried by more than 150,000 votes.

Trump also retweeted similarly baseless claims about Dominion machines in Nevada, as well as accounts mocking Biden’s transition to the White House.

“Election Status: Trump is in the process of proving he won, and Biden is pretending he did,” read one tweet the president shared.

Like many of Trump’s posts since the election — including all his claims of fraud early on Tuesday — Twitter flagged that retweet with a warning about its accuracy.