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Covid-19 live updates If 70 percent of adults get a shot by July 4, U.S. can avoid later surge, Fauci says

Anthony S. Fauci, the government’s leading infectious-disease expert, says if the country reaches President Biden’s vaccination goal, “there will be enough protection in the community” to avoid a surge in cases later in the year. (Video: Washington Post Live)
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If the United States reaches President Biden’s goal of 70 percent of adults getting at least one coronavirus vaccine dose by July 4, that could help ward off surges later in the year, Anthony S. Fauci said.

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In a Washington Post Live interview Thursday, the government’s leading infectious-disease expert said there was a “positive wild card” missing in previous nationwide coronavirus surges: “That was at a point when virtually no one in the country was vaccinated.” As of Thursday, 47.9 percent of the U.S. population had received at least one dose.

“If we get to the president’s goal — which I believe we will attain — of getting 70 percent of people getting at least one dose, adults that is, by July 4, there will be enough protection in the community that I really don’t foresee there being the risk of a surge,” Fauci said, “provided we continue to get people vaccinated at the rate we have now.”

He said if you have a group of vaccines as “highly effective as these vaccines are, and you get a substantial proportion of the population vaccinated, the chances of there being a surge are extraordinarily low, I mean quite, quite low.”

Here are some significant developments:

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