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New York, D.C. to require health-care workers to be vaccinated

A health-care worker administers a coronavirus vaccine at a church serving as a vaccination site in Long Beach, N.Y., on May 13. (Emily Elconin/Bloomberg)
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New York state and the District of Columbia on Monday announced vaccine mandates for health-care workers as the delta variant continues to drive up coronavirus cases nationwide.

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In New York, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) said the state needs health-care workers to “lead the battle between the variant and the vaccine.” In D.C., Health Director LaQuandra Nesbitt said the measure was “necessary for us to ensure that we’re creating safe environments in our health-care facilities.”

Similar moves were previously announced in California and Washington state. A growing list of entities, including cities, states and private businesses, have made vaccines mandatory for certain jobs and activities in recent months as the wave of infections continues.

Six in 10 Americans support requiring health-care workers to be immunized, according to a Quinnipiac University poll conducted in late July and early August. Thirty-five percent opposed that requirement.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) announced Monday a new executive order that strengthens enforcement against vaccine mandates and allows local government employees to use sick leave if they’ve been exposed to the coronavirus.

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More than 620,000 people have died of covid-19 in the United States, with recent spikes in cases driven by the variant. Here are key numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s assessment of the delta variant.

Here are some significant developments

  • Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) signed an executive order on Monday allowing parents to have their children opt out of school and health board mask mandates.
  • New York will become the first big U.S. city to put into effect a vaccine mandate for indoor activities, requiring people to show proof of vaccination on a new app or their paper vaccination card.
  • Pfizer and BioNTech announced that they have submitted trial data to the Food and Drug Administration as it seeks to support regulatory approval for coronavirus booster shots.
  • A new study suggests that children ages up to 3 years old may be more likely to transmit the coronavirus than children ages 14 to 17.
  • A Texas judge granted a temporary injunction request by San Antonio and Bexar County against Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order banning local governments from issuing mask mandates. The decision comes a day after the Texas Supreme Court temporarily blocked mask mandates issued in Dallas and San Antonio.
  • The United States could decide within weeks about whether to offer extra coronavirus shots to more Americans this fall.